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Friday, March 6, 2009

Trouble Printing Printable Coupon?? Here's some tips!

Are you getting the message “please wait” and then nothing ever happens. Since everyone uses different browsers, from Internet Explorer to FireFox to Safari, people paste links that they got in FireFox, which do not work in Internet Explorer or vice versa.
Sometimes you get the message “Please Install The Coupon Printer” even when you already did install five times. Well here's thet trick that will allow you to simply change 2 characters in the URL to make a FireFox link work in Internet Explorer and vice versa, the following is a FireFox

link:hxxp:// “

wg” in the URL link gives the repeating Please Install The Coupon Printer in Internet Explorer. To make the link an Internet Explorer link we simply change “wg” to “wi” OR “vi” (in this case, both variations work, other coupons it may be wi or vi, trial and


If you want to print Bricks coupons on a MAC with Safari, replace the “wg”, “wi”, or “vi” to “xs”. You can also do the reverse, take a Safari link “xs” to IE “wi” or “vi” or to FireFox “wg”. You do the opposite if you want to print an Internet Explorer link in FireFox!

Or what I do is simply just copy and paste the link of the coupon and open up a new web browser (like FireFox to Internet Exlorer) and the paste the link and you should be good to go! Best of luck.

**Thanks Kim & The Freebie Blogger


Kasey Hunt said...

A lot of people are asking about this. Good to put on your blog.

Lynn said...

oh, this is just a great post ! Frustration free from now on...thank you both so much for this tip !

MzKoni said...

This was a great technique I learned from another site. But, I still have trouble with the smartsource coupons. I can never get those to print no matter what I do. I even tried wiping my computer and just installing the smartsource printer, still with no luck.

Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 2) said...

You can also have them mailed to you if you still can't get them to work. Here is the "how to"

Laiman said...
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The Johnson's said...

Thanks for posting this! Kasey (above) just filled me in on this tip!! I was so glad to learn there was a trick--I was afraid I was just out of luck when they wouldn't print for me.

BTW...I love your blog! Thanks for sharing all the great deals!!