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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Albertsons 10/7-10/13

Thanks to Shopping With Cents for putting together this weeks Albertsons Line Up

There are plenty of good deals this week at Albertson's. You can see Fabulously Frugal's details HERE. Krazy Coupon Lady has one HERE.

But here's what I did:

I printed off 6 $1/1 Playtex coupons from Marie's page HERE. I also have 12 $1/1 Playtex gloves coupons from this Sunday's insert.

Scenario: using the 10/$10 items
Bought 6 Playtex gloves $1 each
Bought 4 Daisy Sour Cream tubs, 8oz.
Register took $3 off
Remaining balance $7
Used 6=$1 Playtex coupons
Paid $1 for four sour creams and 6 gloves.

I repeated this 2 more times using my other 12 coupons for the gloves. I just substituted the sour cream for other items on the sale. I chose paper towels and soda.

So for $3 I got 18 packages of gloves, 4 sour creams, 4 paper towels and 4 2 liter bottles of soda.

C&H Sugar is 4/$10, then with the $3 off it makes them $1.75 each for a 5# bag. Use the $.35/1 making them $1.40. I think this is a good deal, but I'm going to hold off til Sunday just in case there are any doublers.

Refrigerated Welch's juice is 4/$10. After taking off $3 and using 4 coupons from HERE. I got them for $.75 each.

I received a Catalina notification at the register that there is an upcoming promotion.
Buy 2 get $1 OYNO
Buy 3 get $2 OYNO
Buy 4 get $3 OYNO
The Albertson's on 7th in Nampa still has a ton of these in the back by the produce on special for 2/$4. The promo goes 10/09/09-11/01/09 so maybe we can get some more Post coupons before this deal ends.