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Monday, August 31, 2009

Albertsons 8/26-9/1

Thanks To Shopping with Cents for putting together this weeks Albertsons deals:

Buy 2 Get 2 FREE for Coke, Pepsi, and 7-Up 12-packs
Regular Price is $4.99 each (Pepsi and 7-Up) and $5.29 each (Coke)
Savings of $9.98-$10.58 making your final price $2.50 - $2.65 each 12-pack
The big sale at Albertson't this week is a ConAgra Promotion. Here's the skinny:
Buy $25 worth of selected products in a single transaction and receive a $10 catalina (redeemable on your next shopping order).
Just remember that you can roll this promo, but you will only get one $10 per transaction. So if you plan on purchsing $50 in product, separate it into 2 transactions!
FYI: alot of these coupons were available in the September issue of All You magazine (available now) as a fold-out on the front grab an issue or two at your local Wal-Mart!
10/$10 items:
Banquet Value Meal - $1/6 coupon from All You
Chef Boyardee - $0.25/2 from 8/16 SS insert
Hunt's Ketchup - $1/2 from All You
Hunt's Tomatoes -
Snack Pack Pudding -
Super Chill Cola or Root Beer -
Van Camp's Pork and Beans are $0.75 each!!
2/$6 items:
Keebler Wheatables or Toasted Wheat crackers -
Kellogg's All Bran or Special K crackers -
Keebler Sandies - $1/2 cookies from the 8/2 Kellogg's insert
Marie Callender's Entrees or Pot Pies - $1/2 dinners from All You
MorningStar or Gardenburger products - $1/2 MorningStar veggie product from the 8/2 Keelber insert
4/$5 items:
Hunt's Pasta Sauce -
Fleishmann's or Parkay Margarine -
Manwich Sloppy Joe Sauce - B2G1 from All You
2/$4 items:
Keebler Sandwich Crackers - $1/2 from 8/2 Kellogg's insert
Orville Redenbacher Popcorn - $0.40/1 from 8/2 SS insert
Peter Pan Peanut Butter - $0.50/2 from 8/2 SS insert
4/$11 item:
Super Chill 12 pack sodas
$4.50 each items:
Special K bars, 12 ct
Rice Krispies Treats bars, 16 ct - $1/2 from 8/2 Kellogg's insert
2/$5 items:
Kellogg's Cereals - $1.50/2 Frosted Mini-Wheats IP HERE check for other coupons in your 8/2 Kellogg's insert
Keebler EL Fudge and Fudge Shoppe Cookies - $1/2 IP HERE
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts - $1/2 from 8/2 Kellogg's Insert
Pam Cooking Spray - $0.35/1 from the 6/21 SS insert (expires 8/31)
Wesson Cooking Oil -
Kid Cuisine Dinners - $0.75/3 from the 8/16 SS insert
Keebler Graham Crackers -
Keebler Kids Graham Crackers -

FREE Single-Serving Entree at Panda Express


Get a free Single-Serving Entree at Panda Express when you purchase any 2-Entree Plate and use this PRINTABLE. Coupon expires after September 30, 2009.

Thanks Money Saving Mom


Target 8/30-9/5

Target has some GREAT deals this week. To see Common Sense With Money's Full list click HERE.

FREEBIES this week:

Johnson’s Buddies Soap Bar

Artisan Mini Loaves of Bread

General Mills Cereal Cups

Kotex Liners (48 ct)

Rayovac Batteries (2-4 ct)

All Laundry Detergent (travel size)

Skittles Crazy Cores

Canine Bistro Entrees

Head and Shoulders Shampoo (travel size)

Tide Detergent (travel size)

Oil of Olay Body Wash (travel size)

Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kit (travel size)

Banana Boat Sunscreen (travel size)

Dove Body Mist (travel size)

Degree Body Mist (travel size)

Vaseline Aloe Fresh lotion (travel size)

Nexcare bandages (travel size)

Cottonelle wipes (travel size)

Joint Juice (single bottle)

Walgreens Healthy Saving Coupon Booklet


Walgreens has a new coupon booklet available in stores. Here's a list of the coupons available inside. All Coupons expire 12/31/09;

Airborne 10 ct $.50 off

Alka seltzer plus $1 off

Claritin 24 or 30 ct $3 off

Comtrex or 4way $2 off

Little noses and little allergies $.50 off

Oscillo adult or children’s 5-6 dose $1 off

Pedialyte oral electrolyte $1 off

Pepto-bismol instacool chewable tablets $1 off

Ricola cough drops 19-50 ct $.50 off

Silent snooze snore relief $3 off

Sinucleanse neti pot $3 off

Theraflu $2 off

Triaminic liquids 4 oz or thin strips 14 ct $2 off

Tylenol children’s plus or adult cold, sinus, or allergy 8 oz or 24 ct $1 off

Walgreens Brand allergy 150 ct $3 off

Walgreens Brand children’s cough syrup 4 oz $1 off

Walgreens Brand cold / flu relief twin pack $1 off

Walgreens Brand mucus relief 60 ct $2 off

Walgreens Brand neti pot / sinus wash salt jar 10 oz $1 off

Wal-flu 6 or 8.3 oz $1 off

Wal-tussin 12 oz $1 off

Thanks Common Sense With Money

Walgreens 8/30-9/5

Theraflu Cold, Cough or Sinus Relief $4.99
-$2 PRINTABLE IE or Firefox
-$2/1 Walgreens Healthly Saving Booklet
=$.99 Out of Pocket
But get a $3 RR

Carefree Ultra Protection Panti-liners $1.99
=$.99 Out of Pocket
But get a $1.99 RR

Rembrandt Toothpaste $5
-$1/1 SS 8/2
=$4 Out of Pocket
But get a $5RR


Colgate 360 ActiFlex Toothbrush $2.99=$2.99RR
-$.40/1 SS 8/30
=$2.59 Out of Pocket
But get a $2.99 RR

Reach Total Care toothbrush or floss Dental Care $2.99 (Buy 2)
-$2.99 Using B1G1F RP 4/26
-$1 SS 3/15, 6/14, 8/2 (for the one you're not getting free)
=$1.99 Out of Pocket

But get a $2 RR

Men’s Zone 6 Blade Razor System $3.99
But get a $3.99 RR


Secret Deodorant $1.99 with in ad coupon
-$2/1 Kmart Coupon Booklet
**Remember to hand over the manufacturer coupon before the in ad coupon**

Campbell’s Tomato or Chicken Noodle Soup $.69 with in-ad coupon
=$.38/2, That's $0.19 per can

Kraft Easy Mac or Velveeta Shells Cup $0.89 each with in-ad coupon (Buy 2)
-$.89 Using B1G1F SS 8/9 OR August issue of All You Mag OR 6/21 Parade Mag
= $.45/2

BIC Round Stic Grip Pens (8 ct) $.99
-$1/2 SS 8/9

Speed Stick or Lady Speed Stick $1.99 with in ad coupon
-$1.50/1 PRINTABLE (Try zip code 33907)

Jell-O 2/$1 with in-ad coupon
-$.50/2 PRINABLE IE or Firefox
=$.50/2, That's $.25 each

Dial Bar Soap 3 pk or Foaming Hand Soap $1.50/1 with in ad coupon
-$.55/1 PRINTABLE IE or Firefox

Breathe Right Nasal Strips 10 ct $4.99
=$4.99 Out of Pocket
But get a $4 RR


Bayer Aspirin (24-36 ct) or 4 ct Quick Release Crystals buy one at $2.99 get one FREE
-$2 Using 2 $1 RP 7/26 OR $1 PRINTABLE
=$.99/2, That's $.50 each

Scotch Packaging Tape buy one at $3.49 get one FREE
-$1/1 Using 2 $.50/1 PRINTABLE (Lower left hand corner) OR RP 7/26
=$2.49/2, That's $1.26 each

Lays Chips (10.5-11 oz) $1.99 (Buy 2 = 3.98)
-$1/2 July issue of All You mag
=$2.98/2, That's $1.49 each

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls 2/$4
-$1/2 RP 8/30
=$3/2 $1.50 each

Tide 20-40 loads $6.49
-$1 P&G 8/30
=$5.49 Out of Pocket
But get a $1 RR

Huggies Jumbo pack Diapers $8.99 with in-ad coupon
-$1.50 PRINTABLE OR SS 8/16
-$1 Walgreens Activity Booklet (at bottom of link)

Rite Aid 8/30-9/5

Get $5 off a $25 purchase PRINTABLE coupon.

Profoot Miracle, Triad or Aero 3 Insoles 3 for $15.00
-$6 Using 3 $2/1 PRINTABLE
=$9 Out of Pocket
But get a $10 Single Check Rebate #16 (on 3)

Aveeno Lip products $3.69
-$2 in-ad Aveeno coupon
-$2 PRINTABLE IE or Firefox

Post Honey Bunches of Oats $4.99/2 (Post Cereals B1G1F)
-$4 Using 2 $2/1 PRINTABLE
-$1/2 Rite Aid PRINTABLE

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups 2/$1
-$.55/1 SS 8/23

Listerine Total Care $2.99
-$2 SS 3/15 OR RP 4/26
=$.99 Out of Pocket
But get a $1 Single Check Rebate #53

This also qualifies toward rebate #501 (FREE Summer Fun Coupon Booklet when you purchase $15 of ANY variety Oral Care products)

Soft White Light Bulbs 2/$2
-$2/2 in-ad coupon

Johnson & Johnson Stim•U•Dent, Mint Flavor, 100 ct. $1.49
=$1.49 Out of Pocket
But get a $1.49 Single Check Rebate #45

Chex Mix B1G1F (Prices starting at $1.29)
-$1 Using 2 $.50/1 PRINTABLE

Sea Breeze $4.99
-$1/1 SS 8/9
=$3.99 Out Of Pocket
But get a $3 Single Check Rebate #67

Aquafresh Iso-Active $3.49
=$2.49 Out of Pocket
But get a $1.50 Single Check Rebate #1
This also qualifies toward rebate #501 (FREE Summer Fun Coupon Booklet when you purchase $15 of ANY variety Oral Care products)

Pringles $1.50
-$.50/1 P&G 8/30

Kashi Go Lean Cereal $3.50
-$1 Rite Aid in-ad coupon
-$1.50/1 PRINTABLE (You will need to register to access the coupon)

Tag Invisible Solid or Body Spray $3.50 (Buy 2)
-$3.50 Using B1G1F P&G 8/30
-$2/1 P&G 8/2 (for the one you're not getting free)
=$1.50/2, That's $.75 each

GUM Toothbrushes 3/$9
-$2.25 Using 3 $.75/1 RP 8/9
=$6.75 Out of Pocket
But get a $5 Single Check Rebate #51 (on 3)
=$1.75/3, That's only $.58 each
This also qualifies toward rebate #501 (FREE Summer Fun Coupon Booklet when you purchase $15 of ANY variety Oral Care products)

Sensodyne Iso-Active Toothpaste $4.49
=$3.49 Out of Pocket
But get a $1.50 Single Check Rebate #50

This also qualifies toward rebate #501 (FREE Summer Fun Coupon Booklet when you purchase $15 of ANY variety Oral Care products)

Oral B CrossAction Power Toothbrushes 4/$24 +1 Filler Item=$25
-$5 off a $25 purchase Rite Aid PRINTABLE coupon.
-$8 Using 4 $2/1 P&G 8/30
=$12/4 Out of Pocket
But Get a $10 Single Check Rebate #48 (on 4)
=$2/4, That's only $.50 each
This also qualifies toward rebate #501 (FREE Summer Fun Coupon Booklet when you purchase $15 of ANY variety Oral Care products)

Plus White 3/$15
-$3 Using 3 $1/1 PRINTABLE
=$12 Out of Pocket
But get a $10 Single Check Rebate #57 (on 3)
=$2/3, That's only $.67 each
This also qualifies toward rebate #501 (FREE Summer Fun Coupon Booklet when you purchase $15 of ANY variety Oral Care products)

Airborne (10 ct) $4.99
=$4.99 Out of Pocket
But get a $2 Single Check Rebate #34
Healthy Samples

$20 worth of Star Coupons Mailed

Click HERE and take a short survey about the Star brand of Olive Oil. For taking the survey you'll get 5 $4/1 coupons to use on any Star products! These coupons will be mailed to you, no printable coupons are available for printing.
Thanks Hip 2 Save

I'm seeing lots of FREE Star products in my future!

Walgreens Family & Friends Printable Coupon

Vaild Today ONLY August 31st, Walgreens has a Friends and Family coupon available where you get 15% off all eligible store items and 20% off Walgreens and W brand products. Click HERE to print your coupon.

Walmart Thomas the Train Deals

Does your kids love Thomas the Train? If so you may want to grab some of these great deals at Walmart. You can order these online and choose FREE site to store shipping!

Thomas & Friends: Milkshake Muddle (DVD) with Free Toy Train
Only $6!

DVD: Thomas & Friends: Come Ride The Rails (With Toy Train)
ONLY $6.86!

DVD: Thomas & Friends: New Friends For Thomas & Other Adventures (With Double Toy Train) ONLY $7.32!

These would make great gifts!
Thanks Hip 2 Save

FREE sample of of Betty Crocker Potatoes

Get a FREE sample of of Betty Crocker Potatoes HERE! Choose between 2 varieties: Betty Crocker Au Gratin Potatoes or Betty Crocker Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes! Sample will take up to 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Thanks Hip 2 Save

Kmart Doubles 8/30-9/5

Kmart is doing it AGAIN, doubling coupons up to $2 in some areas. To see if your Kmart is participating click HERE.

For a list of deals and Freebies you can snag
Check out Hip2Save HERE or
Common Sense With Money HERE

Also remember to grab the Kmart Beauty Coupon Booklet for other great coupons.
& Make sure you print your $5 off a $50 purchase PRINTABLE coupon

I'm BACK!!

I am officially back from vacation where I was able to visit family. I am sorry for the LONG wait, but I hope to get updated on all the lasted deals starting today. Happy Shopping!

$2/1 Clean & Clear Printable Coupon

Get $2 off any Clean & Clear Morning Burst product using this Internet Explorer PRINTABLE coupon

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kmart Toy Deal

I can't wait to go do this deal today, my son is going to love these:

Buy six Transformers RPM Mini Vehicles $3.99 each
-$5 off $20 Kmart Toy coupon
Plus, use 3 buy one get one free coupons from
(will deduct $3.99 for each coupon)
=$6.97 for 6 transformers! That's ONLY $1.16 each!

Thanks Hip To Save!!

Target Freebies & Deals
Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth Deodorant $3.29
-$2 PRINTABLE IE or Firefox
-$1 Target PRINTBALE

Travel Size Almay Makeup Remover $1 (I love these)
-$1 in some areas (Does NOT exclude travel size)

Thanks Hip To Save

Kmart Doubles 8/16-8/22

I don't think I ever posted about Kmart Doubling this week in some areas. To see if your Kmart is participating click HERE.

To see some of this weeks best deals and freebies, click HERE, HERE, or HERE

Also here is the $5 off a $50 purchase PRINTABLE, at the end of the page, and HERE is a $5 off $20 or more toy purchase. Good luck!

Walgreens FREE Photo Cling + Shipping


Walgreens Photo is offering TODAY ONLY 8/19 a FREE Photo Cling ($9.99 Value). Just use the code BEES at checkout. There’s no in-store pick up for this so you do have to pay $1.99 for shipping.

Don't forget you can also get a free in-store film developing (good on any one roll of 35mm or APS film or one-time use camera) when you use this PRINTABLE coupon.

Thanks Common Sense With Money

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Out of Town!

I just wanted to let you all know that I am currently out of town for 2 weeks. I will update when and where I can. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

FREE Burt's Bees Acne Sample
Get a FREE sample of Burt's Bees Acne Sample when you fill out THIS quick survey!spacer

Monday, August 10, 2009

Boston Market $3 off a $6 Purchase

Restaurant Coupon * Expires 9/15/2009  $3 OFF ANY RESTAURANT PURCHASE OF $6 OR MORE Great Deal!  Good only at all participating Boston Market ® restaurants. Present coupon when ordering. Not valid with any other coupon or reduced offer. Not redeemable for cash or gift card purchase. Not applicable for catering orders, grocery items or kids' meals. Applicable taxes paid by bearer. BOS-2169. PLU36585
Use this great Boston Market PRINTABLE to get $3 off your $6 or more purchase. Coupon expires 9/16/2009

Thanks Hip 2 Save

AutoZone has 2 FREE Rebates


AutoZone has 2 FREE after Mail-In Rebates available:

Prestone Tire Jack Injector ($7.99 value) & Prestone Fuel System Cleaner ($6.99 value). You can do TWO rebates per household per product. You have until 8/26/09 purchase these. They have to be postmarked by 9/29/09. To find a store near you click HERE

Thanks Common Sense With Money!

FREE Airwick Freshmatic @ Target

Airwick Ultra Freshmatic $5.99
-$6/1 SS 8/9

Thanks The Freebie Blogger.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Albertson's Q-tips Deal

I just saw this on Shopping With Cents and wanted to pass this along! This is too good of a deal!

Buy 12 (300 ct packs) Q-tips=$30
(upc code 305210179004)
Use (2 or more if you have more) $.30/1 Coupons from 8/2 RP
Pay $29.40 but get back $27 in OYNSO Catalinas.

Which made it $2.40 for 12 packs of Q-tips=$.20 per pack!!!

If you are going to do this deal it must be done by 8/9 as the unilever catalina ends then.

Thanks Again Hollie for sharing this!!

Rite Aid 8/9-8/15

Rite Aid $5 off a $25 Purchase PRINTABLE coupon
Transfer a Prescription to Rite Aid and get a $25 gift card PRINTABLE

Scotch Pop Up Handband or Desk Grip Tape Dispenser $2.49
-$2/1 PRINTABLE coupon
=$.49 Out of Pocket
But get a $2.49 SCR #76


Kotex Lightdays $.99
-$1/1 SS 7/19 or $1/1 PRINTABLE

NYC cosmetics $1.99
-$1/1 August All You Magazine
-$1/1 in-ad coupon

CareFree $.99

Clear Eyes .5oz $.99
-$1/1 SS 8/9

GE energy smart bulbs 2/$5
-$2 Using 2 $1/1 PRINTABLE coupon. This coupon is not longer available to print, so I hope you already printed =(
But get a $2 SCR when you buy 2
=$1/2, That's $.50 each!

Excedrin 50ct? $4.99
-$1/1 SS 7/12

Friday, August 7, 2009

Walgreens 8/9-/15

Neosporin $3.99 (Buy 2=$7.98)
-$2 Using 2 $1/1 PRINTABLE coupon
-$4 Using the one coupon, it will automaticly deduct the $4. $2/1 Walgreens Acticity/Coloring Book (Click HERE to see other coupons inside booklet, or HERE to see what the cover of the activity booklet looks like). REMEMBER you don't have to tear out the coupon, just open to coupon page and point to the coupon for the cashier to scan.
=$1.98 Out of Pocket
But get a $4 RR when you buy 2 (
Band aid $2.99 is also included in this RR)
$2.02 OVERAGE!!!

Colgate Total Enamel Strength Toothpaste 4 oz $2.99
-$.75 SS 7/26
=$2.24 Out of Pocket
But get a $2.99 RR

Bic Round Grip pens 8 pk 2/$1
-$1/2 PRINTABLE (was on the first page for me) OR SS 8/9

Listerine 3/$9
$1.50/2 SS 3/15 & SS 8/2 Listerine Antiseptic 500mL or larger or Reach Floss or Reach Toothbrush OR $3/3 when you buy ONE Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash 500mL AND ONE Reach Floss AND ONE Reach Toothbrush SS 3/15 & SS 8/2
=$6/3 Out of Pocket
But get a $6 RR When You Buy 3

Jergens Naturals lotion 16.8 oz $5.99
-$1/1 Tear Pads (I think I found them at Kmart??? not 100% sure)
=4.99 Out of Pocket
But get a $5 RR
=FREE- $.99

Campbell's Soup $.79 w/in-ad coupon (Buy 2=$1.58)
-$1/2 PRINTABLE coupon
=$.58/2 Out of Pocket, That's $.29 each can!

Glade Flameless Candle, lasting Impressions or Sense & Spray $6.99
-$3/1 Coupons inside some packages
=$3.99 Out of Pocket
But get a $2 RR

Nivea For Men products 2/$10
-$2 Using $1/1
RP 7/12
=$8/2 Out of Pocket
But get a $5 RR when you buy 2
=$3/2, That's $1.50 each!

M&M Candies 2/$5
=$5 out of Pocket
But get a $1 RR When You Buy 2
=$4/2, That's $2 each!

Tresemme 3/$11
=$11/3 Out of Pocket
But get a $5 RR When You Buy 3
=$6/3, That's $2 each

$5 RR WYB 2/$10 Nivea For Men products
Nivea for Men Body Wash Product, any 8.4 to 16.9 oz. $1 (8-31-09) V 7/12/09

FREE Mint Cookies N' Cream Shake @ Steak N' Shake


Get a FREE Mint Cookies N' Cream Shake at Steak N' Shake when you purchase another. Coupon expires September 27, 2009. Click HERE to print your B1G1F coupon!
Thanks Money Saving Mom.

Redbox Rental = FREE 8x10 @ PictureMe Studios

Rent a Redbox movie through September 30th at Walmart and receive a FREE 8″x 10″ portrait from the PictureMe Studios (located inside some Walmarts). All you'll need to do is print your rental receipt along with THIS flyer and bring it with you to PictureMe Studios! In other words, make sure you select the option when you checkout at the Redbox to have a RECEIPT sent to your e-mail address.
Thanks Hip To Save!

Kmart's New Coupon Booklet!

It's back again!! Kmart has come out with there new coupon booklet. This booklet has $62 worth of coupons! All the coupons are manufacturer coupons, so you can use them at any store that accepts manufacturer coupons. (Just make sure the coupon doesn't have Kmart's logo on the it, some store won't accept those coupons.). Make sure you grab your copy the next time your in Kmart!

Some of the coupons included are:
$1/1 Sally Hansen Lip or Nail
$1/1 Kiss Nail Product
$2/2 Any Olay Body Wash
$2/1 any Secret Deodorant
$2/1 Clear Care
$2/1 Duracell 8-pk AA or AAA/4-pk C, D/or 2-pk 9-V (Great coupon to be doubled)
$1/1 Beggin Strips
$.50/1 Hellmans
$.50/1 Ragu
$.60/1 Dinty Moore Big Bowls
$1/1 Sharpie 12-ct
$1/1 any Noxema

Some Kmart's will be doubling starting August 16th.
Thanks Hip To Save!

Walgreens NEW $5 off $25

Walgreens has another $5 off $25 in-store coupon available through August 8th! Click HERE to print.
Thanks Hip To Save!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Children's Place Additional 50% off Clearance

Children's Place now has there additional 50% off the lowest clearance prices. PLUS to sweeten the deal take this 15% off PRINTABLE & save even more. If you order online use the code: FA79 OR try E4969 to save an additional 15%. Shipping is a flat $5! Happy Shopping!

Thanks Hollie with Shopping with Cents!

If ordering online the price you see is the price at the 50% off! You will just get the additional 15% with the code!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bare Mineral + Mini-buki brush =$1.06 Shipped

Get a 10-day sample in each shade of bareMineral's SPF 15 foundations plus get a mini-buki brush and you'll only pay ONLY $1.06 for shipping.

I currently got my freebie of bareMineral's at Ultra last week and I love it! So to pay $1.06 for 2 other shades (that were left) was worth the price. (You can still get a free sample at Utlra this week as well.)

Just add any of the samples shades you want to your cart and then continue to checkout. Shipping will show up as $3.95, HOWEVER when you checkout and go to "review order" the shipping will change to $1.00 for the samples.

Thanks Money Saving Mom!

Walgreens 2 Day $5 off Printable 8/5-8/6

Walgreens is doing it again. They have another Walgreens Printable coupon avaiable for $5 off $25 purchase! This coupon is valid for 2 days ONLY, August 5th-6th. Click HERE to print your coupon. Remember that you need to spend $25 after all manufacturer and store coupons.

For some great scenarios on how to use this coupon on this weeks deals, check out Hip To Save.

Swiffer Rebates are BACK!

I am SO excited to see that Swiffer has come back with this great offer. I was able to qualify for this rebate when they first did it a couple months ago. AT the time Walgreens had a great promotion on Swiffer products so in the end I got a GREAT deal. I personally use the Swiffer Wet Jet, and I love it!!!

The 2 rebates they are offering at this time are:

Receive a $5 rewards card when you purchase $10 worth of Swiffer REFILLS.

Receive a $10 rewards card when you purchase $20 worth of Swiffer REFILLS.

Rewards Card is accepted at over 100,000 retailers towards the purchase of any merchandise of your choice. Please allow 6-10 weeks for delivery. Offer valid until 9/15/09. Must be postmarked by 9/30/09.

I will let you know if and when I find a great Swiffer deal to go along with this great rebate!

Thanks A Thrifty Mama!