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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Children's Place Additional 50% off Clearance

Children's Place now has there additional 50% off the lowest clearance prices. PLUS to sweeten the deal take this 15% off PRINTABLE & save even more. If you order online use the code: FA79 OR try E4969 to save an additional 15%. Shipping is a flat $5! Happy Shopping!

Thanks Hollie with Shopping with Cents!

If ordering online the price you see is the price at the 50% off! You will just get the additional 15% with the code!


Jill said...

hey clenece!

do you know if, for example, the baby boy polo shirts that were marked down to $3.99 are now 50% off of that? online, it still shows the original clearance price and not an additional 50% off.



Mel said...

I wondered the same thing. It did not take an additional 50% off the 3.99 for me. :(

Clenece said...

When I went to try placing an order earlier it did the same thing. When I checked their homepage it says, the clearance prices all ready reflect the 50% off. So what you see is what you pay minus the 15% off code. Sorry gals! I hope that makes sense!

Jill said...

yep, thanks for the clarification clenece :)

not that $3.99 is a lot for one polo shirt, but when you're a cheapskate like me and just paid $1.49 at the old navy 50% off clearance for the same thing...suddenly $3.99 doesn't seem like such a bargain! you know?


Clenece said...

Yes I totally agree! $3.99 compared to $1.49...BIG DIFFERENCE!!! That's half the price!

Usually the prices in stores at Childrens Place OUTLET are a lot better! At least that is what I remember when I lived in St.George! That is where I got ALL of my little guys clothes! Good luck!