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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

$35 Overage??

Okay, take this how you will, This week at Rite Aid the Freestyle Lite Glucose Monitor is on sale for $9.99, (normal price $74.99). BUT in the Inner Strength Magazine, ( I found mine by the Sale Ads in the entry way) there is a $45.00 Rite Aid Coupon inside on the last page. So you instantly MAKE $35.00. I went to try doing this but unfortunately my Rite Aid was out the the Monitors so I couldn't try it! I did however get 2 rain checks to try another time, since the coupons don't expire until November 15, 2008. I have read of other people who have tried it and just bought diaper or other things along with the monitor and it worked! So try it if you dare! Every Cashier/Store Manager is different. I just couldn't NOT share, just in case! If anyone does try this please comment and let me know how it went!


Kim said...

That's sweet....I don't even think I have a rite-aid close so that makes it easy for me. Like I said, I panic when I feel like I have to do these deals!!!1

Marci and Matt said...

I tried this today... and the cashier wouldn't let me do it. She gave me the glucose monitor for free, but she wouldn't do the $35 overage. Maybe if she would have waited to ring up all my stuff before she scanned the coupon... it might have worked. It was worth the try.