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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Double Coupon days for Kmart

Here is the full list of the Kmart stores that will be doubling Oct 26 through November 1st. I'll keep you posted on what deals are best!
Sorry nothing in Utah...

**UPDATE** I read on Hot Coupon World that someone called the St.George, UT Kmart and they said they would be participating in the Double Coupon Days...So if I were you I would CALL your Kmart and ask them personally, even if your not on the list!!


Kasey Hunt said...

two of the same coupons or two different coupons like will they take one from target and then a manufacture's coupon too? Just want to be clear.

Clenece said...

They double the one coupon you give them...I am not 100% sure what the max amount to double is, but I will post it when I find out!