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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

JCPenny Coupon Code

Okay for those that that last week tried to use the printable coupon at JCPenny's but was unsuccessful do to "store policies". Here is a code I found today for $10 off a $10 order online. the JCPenny coupon code is DOOR39. I personally I have tried it yet, but Thanks Jenny for the confirmation that it does work even without a JCPenny's card!

JcPenny's free shipping code on $49 or more is LEAVES

HERE is another printable coupon if your store will allow a printable coupon. It is the second post on the page!


Jenny said...

I cam across your site looking in my most recent links list and was coming to tag you for something (which I still doing, go to southernsavers to see more) but I will answer this too. I used the code this morning and have no JC Penney's card and it worked fine. Used a normal card.

Clenece said...

Thanks Jenny I will update that information about JCPenny's!