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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kmart Double Coupons 10/28 Day 2....$3.35

This is what I got today at Kmart, I found some scrubbing bubbles finally so I was very excited about that. Today wasn't as good as yesterdays $1.14 purchase, but I did buy two children hats and gloves for $11.18 (I needed hats for my kids so I used these to get me out of the negative total because of the L'Oreal eye shadow gave me overage!) I guess I still did okay only spending $3.35!

I also bought some Robitussin on clearance for $3 and used some old printable coupons, making them free. So make sure you check out the clearance section at your Kmart for other great deals!


Kasey Hunt said...

Amazing. I wanted to tell you that the magazine All You has several coupons in their magazines. I probably cut out about 30-40 in two of them. It is a cheap magazine to buy. I also like it b/c it's a practical magazine, and has all the great coupons in it. Might want to mention this Thursday.

mama.laughead said...

Are you using the l'oreal coupon in the beauty book that expired on the 26th?

mama.laughead said...

Do you use your $5 coupon before giving them all your other coupons? Do they double coupons that say they cannot be doubled?

Clenece said...

To be honest I am not sure when the the coupon I used expired for the L'Oreal. I do not have any left to look at.....But yes it was the coupon in the Beauty book!

And Yes you can use the Kmart $5 coupon first before using all our other coupons.

NO they do not double coupons that say Do not Double!