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Monday, October 6, 2008

Walgreens Purcahse on Oct 6th!

This is what I was able to get today and how I did it.

6 Scrubbing Bubbles wipes on sale 2/$5 =$15
Used 3 B1G1F Coupons=-$7.50
Total out of pocket= $7.50
Then Do Rebate #27 and get $6 back ($1 for each package)
Will pay $1.50 for 6 bottles of Wipes!

REMEMBER if you have the $.75 off coupon from SmartSource 9-21 you will get an even better DEAL. (Since you can use 2 manufacture coupons when using a B1G1F coupon) Unfortunately I just didn't have this coupon. =(

2 Glade Wisp on sale $5.99 each= $11.98
Used B1G1F coupon= -$5.99
AND used Manufacture Coupon (Smart Source 9/7-13)= -$5.00
Total I paid out of my pocket $.99 for 2 candles BUT I got a $3 Register Reward!!
F.Y.I. You either got $5 off coupon or a Mail In Rebate Coupon in Smart Source 9/7-13 paper!

Used 2 Previous Register Rewards
Total out of pocket I paid $3.61!


Jo said...

Hey - New reader. Thank you thank you thank you for doing all the hard work! I'm new at this but so so excited. Can you elaborate on the rebate #.... concept. Is that the register reward thing?

Michelle' said...

I'm trying to figure out how the .75 off coupon would be a better deal? That only totals up to 4.50 off of 6 to where you were able to get 7.50 off? Thanks for your help.

Thompson Family said...

Since I used the B1G1F Coupon I was able to take $2.50 off every 2 I bought. Since I bought 6 bottles, I was able to take off $2.50 3 times. Making it a total of $7.50 off. BUT, Since you can use a B1G1F manufacture coupon ALONG with another manufacture coupon an additional $.75 off 3 times would save you $2.25 MORE if you bought 6 bottles...Hope this answers your question clearly...let me know!

You can use two coupons when using B1G1F, since the coupon is for a free item, you can still use a coupon for the item you are purchasing! Make sense?

Michelle' said...

Yes - it is clear now - a coupon for each item. Thanks for explaining. I've actually done this before - lol. I must be brain-dead today. Thanks again - just not sure I have those. I think I used them the last time with a rebate, oh well. I've been hunting. Have a great day!