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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Walgreens Register Rewards & Rebate Info

As you can see I am a big Walgreens fan! I have always loved Walgreens is their Register Rewards, and now I also love doing their rebates, it only took me a year of couponing! As most of you know Register Rewards are coupons you receive after your transaction is completed. It is used like a gift card...but is paper. Some things to be aware of when using your Register Rewards are;

1) You can not use a Register Reward you received from one product and roll it over on too the same product and expect to receive another Register Reward.
For example, If you got a Register Reward from Tylenol, you can't use that Register Reward and buy more Tylenol. What would happen is you wouldn't get another Register Reward from Tylenol. (So in other words, Watch Out and make sure the products you relieve a Register Reward from are different from the products you are wanting to purchase using that Register Reward. The Register Rewards are from the MANUFACTURE and the Manufacture may have more then one Register Reward going on at a time...some manufacture make tampons and toothpaste.)

2) Make sure you only have ONE coupon for every item you are purchasing. (This includes Register Reward coupons.) For Example, If you have buy 3 bottles of Robitussin and used 3 coupons, you can not use a previous Register Reward on top of the 3 coupons. What you would have to do in order to use a Register Reward is buy a "filler item", something you don't already have a coupon for. I usually look for something under $1... like gum, candy bar, etc.

3) If at anytime a Register Reward doesn't print, DON'T let the cashier try telling you it is because you used coupons, I hear this SO MUCH! That is NOT the case! Just make sure if you did use a Register Reward on the transaction that it wasn't from the same manufacture for the current Register Reward deal you are trying to get!


Walgreens on top of Register Rewards also has Rebates. Inside their EasySaver Catalog they have a list a rebates for the month. You can now claim your Rebates online making it supper easy! If you decide to put your Walgreens Rebates on a gift card, inside instead of a check, you will get an additional 10% back. Gotta love it! Hope this helps!


Jo said...

you are a jewel!!!!! Thanks for your comment on my blog as well. And thanks for the education. I'm taking on Walgreens tomorrow morning and it came just in time. I feel prepared now. Thanks again.

Lindsey said...

Great info Clenece. I haven't met you yet, but I like you already! I have always been a bargain shopper, but I have yet to delve into the Walgreens arena. Your info is giving me hope that I can do it!

Marci and Matt said...

I must have missed this post when you posted it... but I am glad I scanned down the page and found it. This is all information that I am going to have to learn. The walgreens in Hurricane is almost done... I'm waiting for that one instead of driving to the other one (the cashiers there are difficult anyway)... Can't wait to start doing these awesome deals!!