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Monday, November 3, 2008

Diapers Galore...$2.49 a pack!

Cost me $3.51 for 14 packs of Diapers!
I used $35 in RR.
Without RR's it would have cost me $38.58
14 packs = 476 size 4 diapers for $38.58.
I just heard about this today and had to share the deal. Walgreens brand of diapers are on sale for B1G1F this week. So here is what you need to do to get 2 pack of diapers for $4.99, That's $2.49 a pack.

Go back to the Walgreens Pharmacy and ask about the "Walgreen's savings plan". When they are done telling you about it they will then give you a coupon Booklet/Flyer worth of $50 in coupon savings. (If they don't give it to you ask for it!) The third to last coupon is the coupon you WANT, Save $2 on every one you buy.

Buy 2 packs @ $8.99
- B1G1 sale =$8.99
-$4 (2 $2/1 Rx coupon)
= $4.99
That is only $2.49 a pack!!! (34 diaper in size 4)

Since it is a Walgreens coupon you DON'T need to cut it out and give it to the cashier. Just show the cashier the coupon and she will just scan it in (Then you can keep the coupon to use again another time). And like a Walgreens coupons it will take off $4 since you bought 2 items. If you buy 8 paks it would take off $16.

If you go to Walgreens and they don't have any left, ASK for a rain check at the B1G1F price and get them another time. The RX coupon doesn't expire until 12/31/08!!
or simply buy any size they do have and return them later for the right size you need!

For more information about his deal go to A Full Cup, they give step my step directions to get this deal!


Rob and Heather Weston said...

That is great I will have to go tomorrow.. This stuff is so much fun.. Plus I am finally having to buy diapers. Not too bad, almost 9 months and haven't had to buy diapers.

Kasey Hunt said...

Wow, great deal. That is awesome.

Anonymous said...

did you know in the back of the easy saver there is a page that says buy 2 any brand diapers get 2 dollars off. you could have saved even more!

Clenece said...

Yes I saw that on Page 53. However it says on regular priced diapers. So they wouldn't give it to me I tried. lol!

The Starr's said...

Wow, that is amazing. I am new to all of this. What does RR mean? When you said "Cost me $3.51 for 14 packs of Diapers!" is that 3.51 per pack? sorry for all the questions. Thanks for helping us all save $$$$

Clenece said...

Your welcome and please feel free to ask any more questions, I know it is hard to understand at first.

RR means Register Rewards. I got these RR over the past few weeks. Walgreens will have sales where you buy a certain product & they give you RR's, which are like paper gift cards/Cash to use at Walgreens. I happen to have $35 in RR that I needed to use, since RR's usually are only good for 14 days after you receive them. That is how I was able to buy 14 packs of diapers and it only cost me $3.51 TOTAL, for all! If you didn't have any RR's to use it would cost you $38, I hope this helps...for more info on RR go here:

Powers Family said...

Thanks so much for this deal!
I bought 8 packs of diapers, 4 for me and 4 to give away:)