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Friday, November 7, 2008

Kmart Double Coupons Coming Soon Again

I just read tonight at Hot Coupon World that there are two events coming up for double coupons. The first is 11/12/08-11/16/08 only at Super Kmart stores and 11/30/08-12/6/08 at all Kmart stores, including Super Kmart. So start thinking of what you need again and get prepared! I can't wait!


Kasey Hunt said...

It's going to be like Christmas for us!!! I'm totally excited and marking it on my calendar!!

Deedra said...

So, when you say 'double coupons' are you referring to them honoring/doubling manufacturers coupons or like store coupons? Explain to me why I should be excited! This coupon thing is so confusing! My friend in my ward taught a class in enrichment last week and it helped, but I seriously need a one on one lesson! :)

Clenece said...

I am glad someone was able to teach a class in your ward...that is how it all starts! Yes it is very confusing to start and I understand that.

Kmart will double any Manufacture coupon up to $2 that doesn't say **Not Subject to Doubling** But most coupond don't say that! So lets say you go to Kmart and they have Windex on sale for $2.50, You have a $1 off coupon. Here are some examples:

Windex $2.50
-$1 the coupon you have &
-$1 again for Doubling


Almay Make up on sale for $4
-$2 (lets say you have a $2 coupon)
-$2 Doubled

Does that make sense?