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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Updated: Meijer Deal: Buy 4 Salad Dreesing for $2.00


Kraft salad dressings are on sale 3/$6. When you buy 4 you get a $4 Catalina, a coupon you can use like cash on your next purchase.

**Update** My Meijers (Kalamazoo, MI) sale was 3/$6 So I updated this.**

Buy 4 dressings = $8.00 ($2 each)
-$2.00 Using 2 $1/2 PRINTABLE
=$6 out of pocket
But get a $4 Catalina making it only;
=$2.00 for 4 bottles! or $.50 a bottle!

...not as good of a deal as $.64 for 4 bottles, but still good!


Kasey Hunt said...

Sweetness!!! They also have a coupon thing next to all the salad dressings that has an insert that if you buy some many then you get up to $1.00 in produce.

Clenece said...

Really? I will have to look at that tomorrow when I go. Thanks for the heads up!

Melissa Gladwell said...

Hey. I got your blog link from Staci. I think it is awesome you are doing this! I have been wanting to do one for so long. I organize my coupons about the same way as you. I also check a lot of the sites you have. One I use that I dont see listed is I go to the shopping boards page and then you can look things up by B&M deals, internet shopping deals, freebies, etc. Anyways, just wanted to say great job and thanks! I love bargain shopping, its a hobby!

Clenece said...

Thank you for you comment and I will for sure check out! Thanks again!