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Sunday, November 2, 2008

DEAD DEAL: Victoria's Secret 2 bras and 1 underwear for $16.95 SHIPPED!!!

I found this deals on Common Sense with Money and I had to try it, and it worked!! Go to Victoria Secret and order 2 bra's
(2 /$40) and 1 underwear ($7.50 pick white and black colors only....i think) and us coupon codes:
FA813789 for $10 off any bra and
25PTY for $25 off any two full priced bras and free cotton panty.
=$10 plus $5.99 shipping!
=$16.95 with Tax

Great for Christmas!! This deal Ends November 4th!


Dave and Natasha said...

You've inspired me to try doing this stuff... I am new to this, so I was wondering, you have mentioned Easy Saver Coupons in your posts, what are these? I just got my first Sunday paper and I noticed the ones that come are the redplum, p & g and smart source. Where do you get the easy saver rebates?

Dave and Natasha said...

oh, and what are peelies?

Clenece said...

I am so glad you want to start doing this too. The EasySaver coupons are for Walgreens ONLY. They don’t come in the paper you actually pick them up the coupon at Walgreens. The booklet is full of Walgreens Coupons and Rebate offers. They come out with a new booklet once a month, and just to let you know you can use Walgreens coupons, and Walgreens Register Rewards at Albertsons, because Albertsons takes competitors coupons. Yes I miss Albertsons dearly because of this!

Peelies are coupons that are sometimes already on certain products. So you can peel them off and use them right there! Erin has gotten really good at this too and Jamie and Heather (my old neighbors) are also PRO’s at this coupon stuff. Good luck and PLEASE feel free to ask any more questions becase I know it is over whelming at first! Best of luck!

Rollie said...

I tried using the 2 codes today for the Victoria Secret bra's and underwear and they would not let me combine the two codes together on one order. I found this:
Update: It seems you can no longer use both codes together. This deal as originally stated is dead. However you can still use the $25 off code and get two bras and a pair of panties for $23 or so.

Also commenting on your post above, I found that Wal-Mart matches other store's coupons. They took some of my Meijer coupons the other day and when they asked a store manager about it, she said that they take any coupon with a barcode that will scan.