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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Free Batteries & Greeting Cards

Today was pretty uneventful as far as my deals, but I did go back to Kmart and got more Greeting cards, and then went to Target to check out the Battery deal. As you can see it worked, I took 10 PRINTABLE coupons and went to the bargain area in the front of the store and found TONS of the 2 packs of Rayovac batteries. The coupons scanned in smoothly!! I will definitely go back and get more!! I NEED batteries!

13 Greeting Cards at Kmart for $.48 cents
10 2 packs of AA Batteries at Target for $.60, put on Gift Card from Glade deal


Kasey Hunt said...

Way to go!! Where's the coupon for the cards again?

Clenece said...

The Portage Kmart had coupons at Customer Service and on a tear pad by the cards. TONS left!