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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Shopping Deals 12/10

3 Bottles of Robitussin on sale $3.99
-$9 Using 3 $3 PRINTABLE coupon
=$2.97+$.72 tax=$3.69 Out of Pocket/Gift Card
But got $5 RR for buying 3
=$1.31 OVERAGE
Walgreens These sales are good through 12/13
Transaction #1
4 Arm & Hammer $6.99
-$20 Today In-Ad Coupon print HERE
-$4 Using 4 $1 PRINTABLE (From 2 computers)
=3.96+$.48 tax=$4.44 Out of Pocket/Gift Card
But get a $5 RR for Spending $25

Transaction #2 These sales are good through 12/13
2 Scotch Tape on sale 2/$2 THESE END UP BEING FREE PLUS $2 in OVERAGE after Rebate!
4 Sure Deodorant 2.50 Each
1 Germ X Wipes $4
1 Disney Read Along $9.99
-$2 Using 2 $1 Scotch Tape Coupon from each BOX
-$6 December EasySaver Coupon for SURE Deodorant
-$4 Using 4 $1 SURE Deodorant PRINTABLE
-$5 RR from Robitussin
=$8.99+1.56=$10.55 Out of Pocket/Gift Card
But get a $5 RR for Spending $25
28 2 pack of Rayovac Batteries @ Target
-$28 Using 28 $1 PRINTABLE Coupon
=$1.68 for TAX


Georgene said...

I'm sorry to sound dumb but what do you mean by 'in-Ad coupon' for the Arm & Hammer.

I had all my coupons ready for the Robitussin but they did not have it on sale at my Walgreens. I wonder why?

Amanda said...

Ican't get the Sure printable coupon to work... I filled in my information but when I click submit I keep getting a message saying "problem loading page, website took too long to respond." If you have another link or if there's another place that I could get it from that would be great. If not... well that's ok too. haha thanks :)

mama.laughead said...

I want to know about the $20 in ad coupon too.
Is it over now?

Clenece said...

NO the sale ends on the 13th. This is a Coupon is in the 4 day sale ad that came out in stores on Wednesday the 10th. The coupon is for $1.99. Use your Manufacture coupon on top of that $1.99 coupon making it $.99 each, taking a total of $20 off if you buy 4...

I Just added the link to print off the coupon incase you can't find the coupon in your store! Hope this helps everyone out!

Clenece said...

In-Ad Coupon is a coupon that Walgreens has in one of there Ads. This coupon happen to be in there 4 day sale ad. I have linked the coupon so you can print it before going to the store! But usually you can find these ads in stores!

My walgreens is usually always SOLD out of the Robitussin when it goes on sale like this. Try finding out what day your Walgreens restocks there shelves before the sale ends, so you don't miss out! Good luck.