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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Free Ocean Spray Juice @ Target

I am so sorry that I am a almost two weeks late in posting this deal. I thought it ended last week but as you can see I was wrong! So for those that haven't done this here how it works;

Go to Target and buy any
Ocean Spray Juice for $1.99 (this is Target's everyday price, not sale a price).
-$1 PRINTABLE Manufacture Coupon (NO printing limit! Coupon expires 2/28/09) or Use this $1 off PRINTABLE, this coupon you can only print 2!
-$1 TARGET Coupon (NO printing limit! Coupon expires 2/14/08)
=FREE until 2/14/09
**Target Coupon says one per Transaction...I had to do 13 separate transaction for it to work**

Thanks Heather for the reminder!!


Rob and Heather Weston said...

I was able to get them all in one transaction. But I agree. I would have done mine in separate transactions as well.

Coupon Mommie said...

The manufacturer site says it is for Canadian consumers, so does it work in the States?

Clenece said...

It worked fine for me today. I didn't even notie that it was a Canada Coupon! My coupon was looked over by 3 employees and one Manger at Target, and none of them made it seem like it was a problem. So I don't know??

Kasey Hunt said...

They must have gotten smart. They no longer have the ocean spray target coupon up on their website to print off.

Coupon Mommie said...

Nah, they've just put new coupons up. There is a Target coupon generator at AFullCup that you can print the old ones from. Target monitors this site so it is still legit. However, if there are still expired ones up they won't work in the store (it just hasn't been deleted from the generator).

Rollie said...

I got 10 bottles tonight at my Target but they raised their price up to $2.99 each! It's still a great deal, after coupons, it only cost me $0.99 each. They also let me do it all in one transaction. Thanks Clenece!!!!