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Monday, January 5, 2009

Kmart Double Coupon Deals 1/5/09

Unfortunately I didn't get a whole lot at Kmart today, but this is what I did walk out with all for Free. No Tax....Nothing Just FREE!

Hormel Compleats on sale for $2 each
-$1 SS 12/7 Doubles to $2

Pace Picante on sale for $2
-$1 SS 12/14 Doubles to $2 Pace Speciality Salsa, (They let me use it on the original bottles & they scan in fine).


holi said...

Got them! I also got a 3 pack of gum free with a coupon too! Now I have lunch for 3 days~free!! I did end up buying X'mas things at 75% off, but I can use it next yr for teacher gifts. I have been making treats for the teachers and I found packing cutsey bags to put it in!

Clenece said...

Great job Holi! All the Christmas stuff at my Kmart was mostly all 50% off still. I'll just have to wait!

holi said...

Clenece I found a juice rebate, but I can't figure out how to email you! I had your email at one point!

Clenece said...

Great!! E-mail me at and I can post it!