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Saturday, January 24, 2009

McDonald's Valentine's Deal for $1

McDonald’s has Valentine’s Day Coupon Books for $1 with a lot of Free Food Coupons:
3 free hamburgers
3 free small cones
3 free apple dippers or small fry
3 free apple juice or milk jug

Coupons are valid 2/14/09 to 5/15/09!

**Not all McDonalds are selling them**

I'll be grabbing a few of these! FYI I only know of 9th Street here in the Kalamazoo area that are selling them.


Kim said...

This is a good one! Brett loves mcdonalds for some reason

The Curleys said...

I don't love McDonalds but are some good deals for little ones. I called our Mcdonalds and they aren't doing it here in Heber.