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Monday, January 26, 2009

My Deals

Last week I did go to our Macy's here and picked up my FREE "Makeup", which was so easy to get. They had a section in the cosmetic area just for this. All I had to do was print and sign my name on a paper they had there and off I went with my FREE product!!
Then I went to Bath & Body Works and paid $1.06 for the small bottle of spray and got the Large bottle FREE Using this PRINTABLE coupon.
Today I went to Walgreens and got:
Transaction #1

6 Carefree Products, Used In-Ad Coupon making them $.99
-$1 Using 6 Peelies I found on products

1 Bottles of Bio Conditioner clearence to $2.19
-$2 Januay EasySaver Coupon

1 Hair Bow in Clearence $1

Colgate Total on sale $2.99
-1.50 Atena Printable, not longer avaiable
But I got a $2 RR Back.
TOTAL $3.34
-$2 RR from last week Dove Candy
=$1.34 on to Walgreens Gift Card
Then again I got the $2 RR from Colgate

Transaction #2

4 Sodas on sale 3/$4 (I got 4 thinking it was 4/$4 OPPS!)
But I got a $2 RR Back.


Bethany and Terry said...

I got my free make up and my Bath and Body products as well. Thanks for the time and effort you put into all of this!

I appreciate your site and have it on my blog!

Clenece said...

Your welcome! Happy shopping!

Kasey Hunt said...

Good job.9th st. mcdonald's are selling the coupon books. I just called them and said there was no limit as to how many you can purchase.

Staci said...

You seriously are the queen! Thanks for all the tips. We went to Dillards over the weekend and got the same product. You can get one per person, so the girl had Dustin sign the paper two and we walked away with TWO free Clinique products thanks to you! I know blogging takes a lot of time, let alone seeking out all the deals. So THANK YOU THANK YOU! Oh ya, about the diaper bags, I am going to do the same sale until V-day...$20.00 and then they will be the regular $26.00. I think I will do a v-day giveaway though. Thanks. You should make a button for this blog and I will add it to mine!

Dave and Natasha said...

We also got the Bath and Body Works deal. They had lots of clearance stuff, so I ended up spending $4, what a splurge, huh!? At our store they had these little purses for .80, so you could have gotten the free item and only spent that much! I'm so glad you keep us all informed on these deals! Mondays is now my new shopping day so I can get the good ones!

Clenece said...

I wish Nick was with me so that I to could have gotten another one. So way to go. I have been waiting to do a button but to be honest I just haven't got around to it yet. Hopefully in the next few months. I will add your purses on my blog today! Good luck, I hope it helps!

Clenece said...

I saw those purse too...way good deals to pass up! Mondays are my days to shop too!