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Thursday, January 1, 2009

FREE: Target Rayovac Batteries

UPDATE:Remember we did have some coupons in SS 12/7 and SS 11/23, (I hope those are the correct dates) I went back today and got 60 more packs!! I am STOCKED!!
Target's Rayovac Batteries are now only $.25 instead of $1.00 for the 2packs in the front of the store. I was lucky and had a few extra coupons I had printed a couple of weeks ago. They are NO longer available to print online. I was surprised when they rang up for only $.25!!! I asked to see if the coupons would still take and they did! I wasn't able to get overage but it did take off what i brought 16 2 packs @ $.25 =$4.00
-$4 Using 4 coupons
+$.24 Tax

So go stock up if you have already printed some coupons!

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Kasey Hunt said...

Great deal. Good job.