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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Walgreens 1/4-1/11 Deals

I just found this today at Common Sense with Money where
Saving with Shellie found a way to make money on this deal... on sale 2/$5
• SnackWell’s, 6.75 oz.
• Wheat Thins, 9 or 10 oz.
• Triscuit, 9.5 oz.
• 8 pack Newtons Fruit Crisps
• 5 pack South Beach Diet Bars or LiveActive Granola Bars

Buy 6 boxes of South Beach Diet Bars=$15
-$12 Using 6 PRINTABLE'S Yes you can actually print 6 as of NOW....just continue to hit the back button and refresh and it will continue to print more....
=$3 Out of Pocket
But do rebate#29 for $5 (Buy $15 of Kraft Participating Products and get $5)
=$2.00 OVERAGE

**There is talk saying there is no limit indicated in the Easy Saver catalog for these. Saving with Shellie called the hotline and asked what the limit was, she said that she was told that since there is no limit indicated they would honor as many receipts as you wanted to submited. Do this at your own risk though, you may have to call customer service to remind them there is no stated limit in order to get any rebates above $5.**

Electrasol Gelpack (20ct) on sale $3.49
-$2.50 1/4 Insert
=$.99 Out of Pocket
But do January Easysaver Rebate #31 & get $1.50 back when you buy one (Limit 1)

Garnier Fructis Hair products on sale $2.99
-$1 1/4 Insert
-$2 January Easysaver Coupon

Reynolds Wrap Foil on sale $.99
-$1 SS 12/14

Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream on sale 2/$6
-$3/1 PRINTABLE (if you printed it already, offer has now expired)

Hershey’s Candy Bars on sale $2/1 after in-ad coupon
-B1G1F SS 11/09

Palmolive Dish Liquid on sale for $.79 after in-ad coupon
-$.50 1/4 inserts

Flintstone Chicldren’s Vitamins 60ct on sale $5 (Buy 4 to get RR deal)
-$1 from Coloring Book
=$3 each $12 if you buy 4 Out of Pocket
But buy $20 & get a $10 RR
=$.50 each

Bayer Heart Advantage 30ct on sale $5 (Buy 4 to get RR deal)
=$3 each Out of Pocket or $12/6
But buy $20 get $10 in register rewards
=$.50 each

Selected Maalox, Benefiber, Triaminic, Excedrin on sale 2/$10
-$2 Maaalox SS 10/19 or
-$2 Benefiber SS 12/14 or
-$1.50 Triaminic PRINTABLE or
-$2 Excedrin SS 10/19
=$.50-$1 each

Selected Kelloggs Cereals 4/$10
-$1 PRINTABLE (on top lefthand corner of the page)
=$6 Out Of Pocket
But get $3 in Register Rewards when you buy 4
=$.75 each

Quaker Instant Oatmeal 10pk $1.99

Viactive Chews or glides 60ct on sale $5.49
-$1 1/4 inserts
-$3 January Easysaver Coupon


Kasey Hunt said...

i just read on one of the websites you listed you use and she said you can use a e coupon and a coupon from the ads you get on the weekend. Have you done this? Does it work? That'd be great if I could use both for one item.

Kasey Hunt said...

I also just read that Kmart is doubling coupons again. Have you checked to see if K-zoo is doing this?

Clenece said...

Yes about Kmart doubling here...I heard Kmart was going to do it but when I asked portage on Saturday no one there knew for sure. So I will call tomorrow, and post it here!

I have heard of anyone being able to use a internet manufacture coupon with another newspaper manufacture coupon. Only a store coupon with a manufacture coupon. Where did you read that? I will have to ask them! That would be sweet!