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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Walgreens Deal with new Glade Printables

Glade Lasting Impressions and Sense & Spray on sale $9.99 ea. (Buy 2 = $19.98)
-$9.99 Using 1 B1G1F Printable HERE and HERE
-$8 Using 1 $4/1 January EasySaver Coupon on page 34 (1 Coupon will take off $8)
=$1.99 Out Of Pocket

Rumor has it there is also $3 coupons inside some packages which would be awesome to use with the B1G1F Coupon...making this a money maker!!

-$9.99 B1G1F Coupon
-$3/1 Coupon
-$8 Using 1 $4/1 EasySaver Coupon
=$1.01 overage! The only way to be able to get the Overage will be to MAKE SURE you use the EasySaver coupon LAST, if you don't use it last then it will not give you the OVERAGE! This overage could go towards your tax at 6% it would be $1.20! So you would love pay $.19 cents!!


Kasey Hunt said...

I bought them last night. Forgot about looking in the box. Sure enough mine had $3 coupon in them. So today, I'm going again using the coupons from the ones I purchased last night!!! So fun.

Rollie said...

I had a really bad experience with this deal up at the Gull Rd. Walgreens. I actually got in an argument with the cashier and store manager over this! That just doesn't happen to me very often. She refused to take the B1G1F printable coupon first, before the easy saver coupon. They were on sale for $8.99 each. I bought two. She used the ES Coupon which took off $8 then the B1G1F coupon which she would only take off $4 because according to her was the price I was "now" paying for the item. I told her she can't change prices of items just because I have a coupon and she actually yelled at me that I was trying to rip off the computer. This was in front of a whole line of customers and she continued to make me look like some kind of crook. I still feel rotten about it and I don't think I will be shopping Walgreens anymore. The contention, arguments and negative feelings I get about myself are not worth the deals. I'm still fuming mad about it and I have to keep telling myself "It's just a couple of silly air fresheners!" Best of luck to the rest of you on this one.