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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Basic Tips When Using Coupons

1. The more Coupons you have, the more you will save and stock up on!
2. When using a B1G1F (Buy 1 Get One Free) Coupon, you can also use another coupon for the product you are buying. (The B1G1F coupon is to get a free product, so use a coupon on the item you are purchasing as well....if there is one.)
3. You can get better deals when the items are on SALE.
4. Price/Ad match where you can. (Wal-Mart price matches & Meijer’s Ad matches)
5. Some coupons can be used on Travel Sized products. This usually makes the product FREE!
6. Google for store coupons or codes when shopping online.
7. You can use store coupons with your manufactures coupons, making it an even BETTER deal.
8. Just because the coupon picture shows, example, Honey Bunches of Oats Original Cereal, it does not mean that's the ONLY thing you can buy with the coupon. Read the fine print!!
9. Get extra coupons from neighbors and friends who do not use them.
10. You can buy coupons in bulk on Ebay. This is a great if & when you know ahead of time what will be on sale. (You can see what will be on sale in certain stores using websites like, Hot Coupon World).
11. Buy enough of the product that is on sale to last until the next sale.
12. DONATE extra items to charity, gifts (Wedding Shower Baskets), or give items to other who may be struggling.
13. Do Rebates!! Yes it bites to pay for it all upfront, but it is worth it when you can make extra money using coupons. (Rebate usually are given off sale price...not Actual Out of Pocket Price)!!
14. Get a Rain Check if everything is gone. (You can't get a rain check on sales that say "While supplies last" or "Limited Quantities available"). Also Remember that Rain Checks do have a time limit on them, usually 30 days.
15. Always Keep your coupons with you.
16. "One coupon per purchase" mean you can only use one coupon on EVERY item you buy, each item bought is a purchase.
17. If the coupon says "Off Any Size", it is usually best to use the coupon on the smallest size.
18. One Store doesn't always have the lowest price.
19. Watch items that are on sale and coupons you use as they scan them, to make sure they are deducted correctly.
20. Don not be brand Loyal!

Do you have any Coupon tips? Please share!

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