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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Easy Bakeware

Burnless Bakeware for $1!!

Did you already grab your Burnless Bakeware for $1 last month? Well if you did guess what, it is a NEW month, so you can stag another one for $1 this month. (Yes you can do this monthly)

How does it work?

Go HERE and choose the "Free Item of the Month" pan you want
Add it to your shopping bag and check out
Choose $1 Shipping and Handling
Enter your billing information & personal information
Click "Place Order" and your done.

VERY IMPORTANT: By choosing the $1 shipping, it activates you for the Home Savings Mall trial membership. The membership fee is $14.95 per month & you will be charged/debited by Home Savings Mall on the credit/debit card you used to place your EasyBakeware. They EasyBakerware is only a 7-day FREE trial. BUT WAIT...the trick is all you need to do is call them within the first 7 days (800-544-1528) after you placed your order and cancel your membership! That's it. You will not be billed and end up snagging a Burnless Bakeware pan for ONLY $1! Easy Enough!


Brian and Lindsay said...

I did this last month and got some free whisks!

When I go to the site now, there are only two shipping options:

Standard S+H (5-10 Days): $7.95
UPS Air Express (2 Days) $25.00

I am not seeing one for $1.00.

Am I doing something wrong?

Kelly P said...

Try using a different email address?? Just a thought.

Also - you to cancel, if you don't want to call, wait till you get the email from Home Savings Mall, then login, and there is a link to cancel membership. I just ordered the freebie this morning, and already cancelled.


Clenece said...

Thanks Kelly! That is what I would have thought to do. (Try another e-mail).

Also thanks for the Cancel tip. I didn't know there was a link to do that. That makes it even easier, Thanks again!

Ryan & Martha said...

You can actually order several a month...I think 3. Customer service told me that over the phone.

Clenece said...

I didn't know that...Good to know, thanks!

Brian and Lindsay said...

Tried it again with a different name and email address and still didn't see the $1 option. Also, it was showing the fine print that was there when I did it last month (about the Home Savings Mall membership).
Anyone else having a problem?

Also, last month, customer service also told me you could get three a month. I guess I will email them with this question.

Clenece said...

Yeah, I would call them and ask why it isn't showing up! It shows the $1 when I click on it!