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Monday, March 2, 2009

Huggies DEAL

Next week, starting 3/8, Walgreen’s will be having a sale on Huggies Diapers. So for those that have printed the $5 & $3 Printable coupons (if you haven't printed them yet, hurry and click on the bar at the end of this post) save them until next week. Here's the best way to use those Huggies Coupons;

Huggies Diapers Buy 3 for $10 each ($30)
-$15 Using 3 $5 off Printable coupon &
-$3 Using 1 $1/1 Huggies Walgreens coupons from coloring book(since it is a a Walgreens coupon you only need the one coupon to scan and it will take off the $3 since you will be buying 3).
=$12 Out of Pocket

BUT get a $10 Register Rewards

=$2.00 in the end for 3 packs of Diapers!!!

You can also turn these into Caregiver’s Marketplace you can get $2.25 back for these 3, you do need 5 packs before you can turn them all in.

So in the end if you do the Caregivers Marketplace Deal and Have the Coloring Book Coupon...which I personally have never been able to find, you end up getting $.25 OVERAGE!! If you don't have the coloring book coupon it end up being $2.75. If you don'thave the coloring book coupon and or want to do the Caregiver Marketplace deal, then it is still a great deal only paying $5.


2 Gentle Care Jumbo Packs for $20

1 Gentle Care Wipes $6

-$15 Using 3 $5 off Printable

=$11 Out of Pocket

But get a $10 RR back

=$1.00 + tax


2 Natural Fit Jumbo Packs $20

1 Gentle Care Wipes $6

-$6 Using 2 $3 off Printable Coupon

-$5 Using 1 $5 off Printable Coupon

=$15 Out Of Pocket

But get a $10 RR when you buy $25 worth



The Fabulous Side of Me said...

Thanks for the info! Do you do this all in one transaction or several? Thanks!

Kasey Hunt said...

I found a coloring book by the book section. This was a while ago though. When I asked they didn't have a clue so I did some searching and saw a Walgreen's coloring book in the kid's book section.

Clenece said...

You have to do it all in one Transaction on this Huggies deals since It is a RR deal when you buy $25 of Huggies you get $10 RR. Good luck!

I will have to do some digging in the book section when I go to Walgreens next. Thanks Kasey!

The Boatright's said...

Thanks for the heads up. I will be doing this one more than once. I hate buying diapers otherwise.

Lisa H said...

How do you print off 3 $5 coupons it only let me print two?

Clenece said...

You can only print more then 2 if you have a different computer to print from.

Erin said...

I can't wait to do this one! Thanks!

Lisa H said...

Thanks. I will definately do that. I am very excited about this deal to! Thanks for all your Help

Wendi Mortensen said...

Do you know if I can then use the $10 RR on my next visit in buying another set of diapers? Or if you use RR in your purchase do you not qualify to have more RR's print?

Clenece said...

No you don't want to use the RR from the Diapers to buy more Diapers. You wont print another. Good luck!

Wendi Mortensen said...
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Wendi Mortensen said...

Good to know... thanks! Also, do you know if you buy a "rebate" item and use RR towards you total... will you still get your rebate when you submit your reciept to Walgreens at the end of the month? Sorry for all the questions, I am just still trying to figure out Walgreens... :)

Clenece said...

I dont mind you asking anything. If Walgreens has a Rebate for Axe Products, $5.99, and you have other coupons and RR that you use towards purchasing this, and you end up only paying $.51 for the $5.99 rebate, you WILL still get the FULL $5.99 rebate that Walgreens gives. Does that answer your question?