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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Shopping Deals on 3/11

This is what I ended up with tonight.

2 Packs of Applesauce $1.69 each
-$2 Using 2 Target PRINTABLE Coupon
-$1.10 Using 2 $.55 PRINTABLE Coupon
=$.28 + Tax

F.Y.I. My Target, like many others did NOT have the Gold Fish on sale for $1!! =(

2 Huggies Diapers $10 each
1 Pack of Wipes $6
2 Glade Lasting Impressions
6 Glade Sense & Spray(The Apple Cinnamon has a $3 off coupon inside you could use along with your B1G1F at the time of purchase, just open the box before you buy it...I only looked inside the "Blue" box and they only have a $1/1 refill, so I didn't even think to look in the other scent. BUMMER)!
1 Irish Spring Body Wash (Register Reward DOES NOT ROLL any longer)
=$94.41 before coupons
-$10 Using 2 $5 Huggies PRINTABLE Coupon
-$3 Huggies PRINTABLE Coupon
-$2 Using 1 $1/1 Walgreens Activity/Coloring Book Coupon (For the 2 Diapers)
-$7.99 Using a B1G1F PRINTABLE Coupon for Glade Lasting Impressions
-$3.00 Glade Impressions (Coupon inside previous boxes I bought early this week)
-$7.99 Using B1G1F PRINTABLE Glade Sense & Spray
-$7.99 Using B1G1F PRINTABLE Glade Sense & Spray
-$7.99 Using B1G1F PRINTABLE Glade Sense & Spray
-$8.00 Using 1 $4/1 Walgreens EasySaver Glade Lasting Impressions Coupon
-$24 Using 1 $4/1 Walgreens EasySaver Glade Sense & Spray Coupon
=$12.45 after coupons
-$8 RR from last week
-$4 RR from this week
=$.45 after RR + $5.94 TAX
BUT I got a $10 RR for buy $25 worth of HUGGIES
=$3.63 OVERAGE
***I saved $88.08***
SWEET UH!! I don't know HOW I got so lucky to find the Diapers, but I did...I am guessing someone returned them! Then to find the Sense & Spray's...pure luck other Walgreens had ANY of the Sense & Sprays earlier this week when I went!!

Mall Run;
FREE tank for printing the homepage of
Bath & Body Works
I tried to use this $10/1 PRINTABLE to get the "sale" items of Patricia Wexler M.D. Dermatology Product, but I wasn't able to find any for the $10. =(


Jilene said...

Clence, are you a Boise local? I went to Target tonight and couldn't find the Gillette soaps for $2 OR the goldfish for $1. I did however, get goldfish at Albertsons for .25/pack. They are 4/$5 and then I used my target coupons. Still a good deal!

Clenece said...

No, I actually live in Michigan, originally from Utah.

Sorry about the no luck at Target...great deal though at Albertsons!

Sara said...

You are a total genius...seriously, I'm in awe. I just started couponing and it makes my brain hurt, but I love the thrill of the deal so I'm hooked.

Kim said...

I checked into the Patricia Wexler coupon at Bath and Body and you can get some of her products for $10 with the purchase of the moisturizer which is $35. I don't know if you saw that or not...

Jilene said...

So Clenece, are these deals usually across the board in the US? Or is everyone different?

Clenece said...

For the most part they are, However some sales/RR offers are not.

For example, last week the Blink Eye solution wasn't offered as a RR deal in all reigns.

Clenece said...

lol, thanks. I am so glad you are hooked too. Isn't coouponing great!!

The Fabulous Side of Me said...

Hey. Thanks so much for the info. On the $10 RR for buying $25 worth of HUGGIES, is the $25 before the sales/coupons are applied?

The Fabulous Side of Me said...


I was not able to find the Gillette shampoo in the clearance section either, but did find it in the shampoo/hair care isle with a sale sign on it.

Dave and Natasha said...

Great job Clenece!

Clenece said...

The Fabulous Side of Me,
Before coupons!

Kinga said...

when does the aeropostle coupon, printing the homepage of seventeen, expire?

Clenece said...

As far as I know it goes until supplies last. I don't know when it expires!