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Monday, March 9, 2009

My Walgreens Deals 3/9

Today was the Big Walgreens run. I went to 3 different Walgreens and this is what I came home with.
Transaction #1

$30 5 Huggies Wipes @ $6.00 Each
$.69 1 Whatchamacallit Candy Bar (last minute fill item, I forget to look in clearance before purchasing the wipes)
-$25 Using 5 $5/1 Huggies Printable Coupon
-$3 RR from Last week
+$1.80 Sales Tax
=$4.49 Out of Pocket
But I got a $10 RR for buying $25 worth of Huggies
=$5.51 OVERAGE

Transaction #2

$10 1 Size Newborn Diapers
$10 1 Size 1 Diapers
$10 1 Size 2 Diapers
$.69 Whatchamacallit Candy Bar

-$15 Using 3 $5/1 Huggies Printable Coupon
-$3 Using 1 $/1 Walgreens Activity Book Coupon for Huggies (Thanks Kasey for finding me one, and Thank you Lisa for mailing me one!! You guys are AWESOME!!)
-$10 RR from Last week Dove Sale
+$1.80 Sales Tax
=$4.49 Out of Pocket
But I got a $10 RR for buying $25 worth of Huggies
=$5.51 OVERAGE

Transaction #3

$30 5 Huggies Wipes @ $6 each
$31.96 4 Glade Lasting Impressions
$.24 Highlighter, my filler item
$.99 Notepad, other filler item
-$15 Using 5 $3/1 Huggies Printable Coupon
-$15.98 Using 2 B1G1F PRINTABLE coupon
-$16 Using 1 Walgreens March EasySaver Coupon
-$8 RR from last week
-$8 RR from last week
+3.79 Sales Tax
=$4.00 Out of Pocket
But got a $10 RR for buying $25 worth of Huggies

=$6.00 OVERAGE

Paid $12.98 Out of Pocket Today
But Have $30 Left in RR from Huggies Deals

=$17.01 AHEAD, thanks to my pervious RR from last week!

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Angie said...

Wow - great run! But, I have a question - I thought the $ 5.00 off Huggies coupon was for the Gentle Care products only - I looked at my Walgreens and found the packages you have in your picture but, they are not Gentle Care. How were you allowed to use these?

Becky said...

You rock!

My $3 natural fit coupons worked on the huggies wipes that were not Gentle care. I just asked the clerk if we could see if the coupon would scan with the other wipes and it did.

Clenece said...

The coupons work on any Huggies products. So I was able to use them on any wipes.

The Fairbanks Family said...

I got the Glade Lasting Impressions back in January and used the $3.00 off coupon from inside the box. Do you think the coupons will work with this same deal again or have they change things? So you will have the B1G1 coupon, the $3.00 off, and the Walgreens.

Clenece said...

Yes you can use the B1G1F coupon along with the $3 coupon and then use the Walgreens coupon and you will be $3 ahead! Good Luck!

Kenj and Nate said...

This is so cool I am so excited. Thank you for your help!

The Fairbanks Family said...

Thank you so much! I just started stalking everyone's blogs back in January. The deals are addicting, but we live in Midway and the only Walgreen's we have is in Heber. I love getting the deals, but I hate going in there. They cannot forget the girl with all the coupons...LOL! I hope I can pull off the deals this week without problems. By the way I believe we have a mutual friend...Serena.

Clenece said...

I love Serena! She is such a sweetheart!! I miss my hometown, Midway. It is so beautiful there! The nice things about Heber/Midway is there isn't ALOT of Coupon shoppers there, so you have a pretty good chance to get the things you are shopping for. (Perks to living in a small town)! Tell Serena I say hello!

The Fabulous Side of Me said...

Thank you so much for all your help!! I was wondering (and maybe this was asked before and I missed it - sorry if it was!), where do you find the Walgreens activity book? I looked in the front of the store and in the magazine and coloring book isle, but could not find it. Thanks!

Clenece said...

The Activity/Coloring books are in the Children Book section. Most Walgreens are OUT of them, however some are able to find them. I never found one personally, I have had a sweet reader on here find one in Texas and mailed me one, then just Saturday a friend of mine came across one and bought one for me, so keep looking or ask your friends to check there Walgreens for you. Best of Luck!

Kasey Hunt said...

Awesome job, Clenece!! Way to go.

Cheri F. said...

I have the activity book coupons, but mine says not valid with any other offer. The coupon was beeping, the manager came over, and they wouldn't let me use it... Bummer. We also don't have the right wipes. I'm nervous to use the coupon on others, but maybe I"ll try it.

Lisa H said...

So do the coupons work for any huggies diapers too or just any wipes? Great savings too and thanks so much for all your help. I love your blog! I tell everyone about it.

Clenece said...

The coupons work for both Diapers and wipes! Thanks for your comment!

The $5 coupon works on any wipes and Size Newborn-2 Diapers

$3 coupon works on any wipes and size 3+ Diapers

I hope this helps!

Kasey Hunt said...

My cashier today asked for my Walgreen's coupons first. He said it was policy to do those first then the manufactures. Thankfully I didn't have any beeps or fits from the cashier.

Shannon said...

I was able to use my $5 coupon on the larger size diapers. I thought I would give it a try and it worked. I also had the same experience as Kasey with them scanning the store coupon first.

Lisa H said...

So if I get a raincheck for next week since they are all out of diapers will it still print out the $10 RR or is that only for this week? Also when do you have to go to the store to make sure you get them? What time do you usually go?

The Fairbanks Family said...

How did you print so many $5 off coupons? It only allows you to print 2. You would've had to use 8 different printers. We have 2, but 8. I thought about going to the library. Are we desperate for deals or what...I don't even have a baby in diapers. LOL

Clenece said...

LOL, I actually have 3 is "OUT OF ORDER" I was only able to print these coupons from 2 computers. Since I printed these coupons when they first were posted, I was able to REPRINT them when they were reset later in that week. That's how I got so many this go around!!

I don't know if you can download the coupon printer to be able to print the coupons in the library, but I have never been brave enough to try. You can always ask Family/Friends to print them for you.

Good luck!

Clenece said...

I don't shop on Sunday, but that would be the best day to shop if you do. (The day the sale starts, is your best chance).

I personally go first thing Monday morning when I REALLY want something. If by chance the shelves are cleared by the time I get there, I would then ask an associate what day they restock, (My Walgreens here,Wednesday night the truck comes, by Thursday DAY-Night they are restocked) So I head back sometime Thursday and get what I need. You can always call and ask when and if they are done restocking...or if the item you want is on the shelf yet, before you go! Sometime they will even HOLD the item for you...SOMETIMES!!!

Yes you can can get Rain Checks on the sale PRICE...HOWEVER, you can't get a Rain Check on Register Rewards. Unfortunately! =(, so this week is it as far as Diapers go!! Good Luck!

The DeThomasis Family said...

I'm new to couponing.. I see that you did awesome on the Huggies deals. I just don't understand WHY you had to use a filler item. Please help :)

Clenece said...

The reason I bought a "Filler" item was because I used a Register Reward to go towards my purchase. You can only use 5 coupons if you are buying 5 items. In this case I was buying 5 items but I also had a Manufacture Register Reward from the pervious week I wanted to use as well, so I had to buy something else so that I would have 6 items =6 coupons. Does that make sense? Good luck!

The Fairbanks Family said...

I used the $5 off coupon on Huggies Pull-ups today and it worked. I did check the first set of numbers on the coupon to make sure they matched the pull-ups. I also made sure I went to a male cashier. I find that women always catch it and say this coupon is not for that product.

Clenece, I found out today that it does not matter living in a small town. All the diapers and wipes, Kotex tampons were gone. And I bought the last two Glade plug-ins. But did not need diapers, so I went for the pull-ups which I could use. Thanks for all the great finds and the time that you spend posting.