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Monday, March 16, 2009

My Walgreens Deals on 3/16

4 Boxes of Glucerna Cereal (by pharmacy in Diabetic area) $4.99 each
-$19.96 Using 4 $5/1 PRINTABLE Coupons
3 Listerine Mouthwash 500ml on sale $3 each
-$6 Using 3 $2 Internet Explorer PRINTABLE Coupon or FireFox PRINTABLE Coupon
2 Glade Lasting Impressions $9.99 (Not as good as last weeks sale, but still gave me some overage)
-$9.99 B1G1F Printable (no longer available) for Glade Lasting Impressions
-$3 Lasting Impressions coupon (inside box)
-$8 Walgreens Glade Lasting Impressions Coupon
-$2 RR
$.49 Filler Item (Candy Bar not in picture)
=$.48+ Tax
BUT I got a $6 RR from Listerine & $7 RR from Glucerna
=$12.52 OVERAGE
But I also will Submit Caregivers Mail In Rebate ($1/box =$4)
=$16.52 OVERAGE Today!!!


joelle said...


When submitting the Glucerna Cereal for the Caregivers rebate - do you have to buy 5 boxes of the cereal for a valid submission or will they accept the 4 boxes?


Kasey Hunt said...

Way to go. They were out of the glucerna cereal at my walgreen's. I did get two pantene's today. Got two for $3 but I get a rebate for $3 = free! If you go to the Gull Rd store look for Jen, she is so cool. Knows the tips, tricks. She's working mornings until Thursday in the beauty department!! Love her!! I also got the last sambucol today. And did the Listerine deal and used the RR towards pull ups got them for $6!!! Did you happen to get a booklet in the mail from Target? I just got a book full of target coupons personal care/household/food. Great coupons that can be stacked with m.c. I saved over $25 today on my purchase.

Clenece said...

Great job Kasey! No I didn't get the Target booklet in the mail. I wonder how people get those. My mother in law always got those too, but I haven't! =(

Clenece said...

As far as I understand you have to have at least 5 items to get the rebates. HOWEVER that is a Total of 5 items out of all the products they have on there list. For example, I have some Huggies diapers and the Glucerna Cereal, which will then put be over 5 items minimum. Does that make sense?

joelle said...

Okay - Yeah, that makes sense. So I submitted last week my Huggies, but I bought 1 pack of Huggies on my same receipt as the 4 Glucerna. So I should be able to submit that receipt with the 4 Glucerna and 1 Huggies and get back the $4 for the cereal and .75 for the pack of Huggies? Sorry if you have to repeat yourself again, but I just want to make sure I am getting it.

Thanks so much!

Amy said...

Isn't that $2 Listerine coupon for a different kind than you purchased?

Lisa H said...

Great Savings! I was so proud of myself today when I got back from walgreens and figured out that I had an overage. My first one :) Hopefully many more to come. Thanks for all your help.

Clenece said...

Yes that will work. As long as you have at least 5 items, you are good to go! Good luck!

p.s. all the items can even be on different receipts when submitting!

Clenece said...

Yes after reading the coupon print it does state for Total Care, however the coupons works and scans in fine for the one on sale this week at Walgreens!

Clenece said...

Awesome job! I love getting an even better deals then I first thought! Good luck with more overages in the future!