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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Walgreens 3/22- 3/28

**Updated 3/24**Excedrin Menstrual Complete Express Gels on sale for $5.99
-$2/1 PRINTABLE Coupon
-$4/1 Walgreens March Easy Saver Coupon (pg. 25)
=FREE (Try giving the Manufacture coupon first to avoid the computer beeping over the $.01 difference)

**Updated 3/24**Bic Soleil Razors are on clearance $3.59
-$2/1 coupon SS 3/15
-$2/1 Walgreens March Easy Saver coupon
=$.41 OVERAGE (Again try giving the Manufacture coupon first to avoid the computer beeping over the $.41 difference)

**Updated 3/24**Nutripals bars are on clearance $2.69
-$2/1 Walgreens Coloring/Activity Book
-$1/1 SS 3/15
=$.31 OVERAGE (Again try giving the Manufacture coupon first to avoid the computer beeping over the $.31 difference)

**Updated 3/24**Pledge Aerosol is on sale this week 2/$7 (Buy 2)
COUPON IS NO LONGER THERE!!! SORRY guys!-$6 Using 2 $3/1 PRINTABLE (Web site says $3/2 but prints as $3/1)
=$1 Out of Pocket
But do March Rebate #23 (Limit 6) and get back $2 ($1 for each one)

**Updated 3/24**Crest Pro-Health Night $.94
-$1/1 P&G 2/8
But get a $1 RR

**Updated 3/24** Lisa wrote me saying...

Awesome Buys! I was just going to let you know to that if anyone has Huggies $3 or $5 coupons left Walgreens is having a 2 for $5 sale on there wipes which is a $1 money maker on 2 tubs of wipes. I bought 8 tubs. 2 at one store and 6 at another. Thanks Lisa for the tip!


Advanced Memory Formula 45 ct soft gels $19.99
=FREE after Rebate

Axe Hair Care $5.99
=FREE after Rebate

Wal-Zyr 24 hour Allergy Relief 5ct $3.99
=FREE after Rebate

Extra Strength Headache Relief 20ct gel, Walgreens Brand $2.99
=FREE after Rebate

Sambucol $12.99
-$10/1 coupon from Easy saver catalog
=$1.01 OVERAGE

Right Guard Professional Strength on sale $5.99
-$2/1 Coupon found in Aerosol Professional Strength
=$3.99 Out of Pocket
But Do Rebate Offer #5 and get $5

=$1.01 OVERAGE

Hunts Tomato Sauce 8oz $.99 each
-$.60 Using $.39 In-Ad Coupon
=$.39 Out of Pocket
But there is a EasySaver Rebate #29 when you buy 10 you get $5 back.
so do this for the best deal....
Buy 11 for $10.89
-$6.60 Using In-Ad Coupon
= 4.29 Out of Pocket
But do EasySaver Rebate #29 & get $5 back.

Colgate Total Toothpaste 4 oz up to $3.49
-$2.50/1 coupon from Easysaver Catalog
- $1/1 SS 2/22

Revlon Emery Boards $1.59
-$1/1 coupon from Easysaver catalog
-$1/1 RP 2/8

Pledge fabric sweeper for pet hair on sale $2/7
-$4 Usings 2 $2 PRINTABLE
=$3 Out of Pocket
But do EasySaver Rebate #23 and get $1 back for every one you buy, $2 for this transaction (limit 6)
=$.50 each or $1/2

Theraflu on sale $5.99
-$2 PRINTABLE or $1.50 SS 12/7 or SS 1/4
=$3.99-$4.49 Out of Pocket
But do EasySaver Rebate #7 and get back $3

Schick Quattro Razors on sale $8.99
-$4/1 Peelie Found of Product
=$4.99 Out of Pocket
But get a $4 RR

Tums Dual Action $7.99
-$3 Pamphlet Found by Product at Wags
=$4.99 Out of Pocket
But get a $3 RR

Nature Source Clearner on sale 2/$6
-$1/1 SS 3/1
=$4 Out of Pocket
But do EasySaver Rebate #23 and get $1 back for every one you buy, $2 for this transaction (limit 6)
=$1 each or $2.00/2

Listerine on sale 2/$9
-$4 Using 2 $2 PRINTABLE or Walgreens Diabetes & You Magazine Coupon $1.50/2
=$5 Out of Pocket
But get a $4 RR when you buy 2
=$1 each or $2.00

Arm & Hammer w/Bleach, on sale $6.99/2 (It is B1G1F)
-$2 Using 2 $1 PRINTABLE Coupon
=$2.50 each or $4.99/2 Out of Pocket

Dryel on sale $8.99
-$3 PRINTABLE Coupon
=$5.99 Out of Pocket
But get a $2 RR

Kellogg Raisin Bran, Mini-Wheats (and others) on sale 4/$10
-$4 Using 4 $1/1 RP 2/22
=$6 Out of Pocket
But get a $2 RR when you buy 4
=$1 each or $4/4 boxes

Coppertone Sun Care Buy $20 worth & get a $10 RR

Omeprazole 42ct on sale $19.99
=$19.99 Out of Pocket
But get a $5 RR =$14.99

Claritin on sale $24.99
-$2 PRINTABLE coupon **Thanks Melinda**
=$22.99 Out of Pocket
But get a $5 RR =$17.99

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Lisa H said...

I have a questions do you give them your RR first at check out or how do you work the RR? Today i tried to use a filler item but it still wouldn't take my ten dollar RR, I finally had him add on a charmins toilet paper that was on sale and it finally took. What do you usually do? And can you only enter rebates once a month? So if i already entered some for this month do I have to wait for next month? Thanks so much for all your help.

Clenece said...

The $10 RR probably didn't work because your total was less then the $10 RR (before Tax). I personally do my RR last, just so I know which one to give (if and when I have multiple Dollar values). However it doesn't matter if you give the RR first or last, just make sure your cost before taxes exceeds the RR you are using. Does that make sense?

Kasey Hunt said...

Isn't the Listerine on sale for $3 for $9? That's what is says on my flyler. Also- I emailed Huggies in regards to their $3 and $5 coupons out right now. Yesterday I picked up some more wipes. The cashier was rude! She said the coupons were for diapers not wipes. I said, but then the coupon wouldn't work if it wasn't for wipes either. It's part of the Huggie's product I think. She looked at me like I was lying when I said I already used these here and spoke with the manager and it's okay. Thankfully more people were in line behind me so she rolled her eyes and let me have the deal. I just don't understand why they can be so rude. It's not their money and WalMart isn't losing money on it. She also said that it wasn't ligit b/c it asked valid coupon amount? Doesn't it say that it it's more than what the item is for. When I spoke with the manager the adjusted the price so I didn't get overage, but got it free. I tried telling her this also and she didn't even do that right. She said no, I"ll give you the full amount. She had attitude and didn't know what she was doing. I'm so proud of myself for standing my ground. You're right you have to be patient and firm and know when to back off. Had I not spoken to a manager the day before I would not have argued with her!! What a long comment I just wrote!!!!

Kasey Hunt said...

I didn't say what I wrote to Huggies. I just asked them if it was good to use the coupons on wipes. Told them there is confusion between cashiers and consumers. I'll let you know what the response is.

Clenece said...

Yes the Listerine is on sale for $3 for $9? THIS POST IS FOR NEXT WEEKS SALE!!! lol. Sorry I am getting ahead here.

What a joke you had today at Target! Let me know what Huggies response it! Thanks Kasey.

Kasey Hunt said...

Yes it was a joke at WalMart not Target!!! I guess I need to read a little more carefully!!! Yes, where do you get the sources for the up coming week's sales?

mama.laughead said...

Is it true that you can combine coupons from the meijer mealbox with other coupons?
One other question: can I use a register reward on a transaction and then get a new one for the items I am purchasing?

Clenece said...

LOL, it's all good. Sorry, it was Walmart uh! Well we have out good days and our bad coupon days...

I get my upcoming week ads for Walgreens at HotCouponWorld! I also know that Slickdeals & IheartWags has them too!

Clenece said...

1. Yes you can use one Store Coupon (a.k.a. Meijers Meal Box) along with a Manufacture Coupon.

2. Yes you can use a RR to buy something and still get another RR. HOWEVER you CAN NOT use a RR you got from lets say Huggies and buy more Huggies and get another RR from Huggies. RR's can't be used on the same Manufacture and get MORE RR. You could buy more Huggies with the RR you got from Huggies, however another RR would not print! You could buy Huggies, get a RR, and then buy Dove Products and get another RR, since they are different companies!

Does that make sense?

cent_saving_mom said...

Thanks for the preview. I haven't been able to scope out next weeks ad yet.

By the way I linked in from Sisterly Savings Ring Around the Blogs. :)

Melinda said...

Claritin has $2 off 1 @ Save even more--the more we save, the better!

Clenece said...

Great Find Melinda. Thanks for sharing with me!

Sheldon and Becca said...

I'm not seeing the hunts tomato sauce in-ad coupon. I'm in Utah, would that make a difference? Thanks!

Clenece/Good Or Free Deals said...

I am not sure where in Utah you are, but in St.George, UT's Ad it is on page #3. (Bottom right side) If you can not see it in your ad, go online to and print a coupon there to take instore. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

the bic soliel razors weren't on clearance at my walgreens! :( still a pretty good deal!