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Saturday, March 28, 2009

REPOST:Walgreens 3/29-4/4


One a day multivitamin mix 2 pk $1.49
But Submit APRIL Easy Saver Rebate #1 and get $1.49 back

Printer cartridge Refill $7.50
=$7.50 Out of Pocket
But get do April Easysaver rebate #28 and get $7.50 back

Skintimate Shave Gel $2.99
But get a $3.00 RR

Edge infused/energy shaving gel on sale $2.99
But get a $3.00 RR
These Shaving Gels are the same RR, so don't buy them together or else only 1 RR will print!


Ponds towelettes Buy 4 get $2 RR or Buy 6 get a $6 RR

**Thanks I Heart Wags for the RR information** She's great!

The April Easy Saver Catalog
Glade Fragrance Collection Soy Candle $5.99
-$2 PRINTABLE or $4/1 Soy Candle PRINTABLE coupon no longer available, I hope you printed it last week!
-$2 APRIL Easy Saver Coupon
=FREE-$1.99 (Remember to give the Manufacture coupon first to avoid the coupon beeping over the $.01)

Reynolds Foil on sale $.89 with in-ad Coupon Page 3
-$1/1 SS 2/8 (This coupon will work, since it does not say excludes 20sq ft. roll, the SS 3/15 won't work due to the exclusion of the 20sq. ft roll)

Chapstick 100% Naturals or True Shimmer Lip Balm or Butter on sale $1.99
=$1.99 Out of Pocket
But get a $1.99 RR

Equal 100 ct package on sale $5/2
-$5 Using 2 $2.50 SS 1/4

Dawn on sale $.99
-$.50 Home Made Simple Mailer
=$.49 Out of Pocket

No Nonsense Pantyhose on sale B1G1 Free (Reg Price as low as $2.49)
-$1/1 3/29
=$.49 Out of Pocket

Soy Joy Bars on sale $1/2
-$.50 Using B1G1F SS 2/22
=$.50/2 Out of Pocket

Halls Cough Drops, $1.39
=$.64 Out of Pocket

Aquafresh Toothpaste on sale $1.99

-$1/1 SS 1/4 or $1/1 PRINTABLE
=$.99 Out of Pocket

Bayer Aspirin (24 to 36-ct.) on sale $1.99
-$1/1 V 2/1 or SS 3/22 or $1/1 or $1/1
PRINTABLE or Walgreens Bayer Pamphlet by Pharmacy $1/1 Coupon in booklet
=$.99 Out of Pocket

Buy Physicians Formula organic Wear Origin Tinted moisturizer $12.99
-$1/1 SS 2/22
=$11.99 Out of Pocket
But get $10 when you submit Easy Saver Rrebate rebate #6

**Update 3/31 STOPPED ROLING**SoftSoap Body Wash on sale $3.99
-$1/1 PRINTABLE Spa Radiant Body Wash Coupon
=$2.99 Out of Pocket
But get a RR for a FREE Body Wash on your next purchase

Colgate Wisp on sale $1.99
-$.50 PRINTABLE Or $.50/1 April All You Magazine
=$1.49 Out of Pocket

Listerine on sale 2/$11
-$4 Using 2 $2 PRINTABLE or Walgreens Diabetes & You Magazine Coupon $1.50/2
=$7 Out of Pocket
But get a $5.50 RR when you buy 2

Cottonelle Fresh Flushable Moist Wipes on sale $5/2
-$1 Using 2 $.50/1 PRINTABLE coupon
=$4/2 Out of Pocket
But get a $1 when you buy 2
But you can also Submit Caregivers Marketplace Rebate and get an additional $1 for getting $.50 on every one you buy.

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars 10 pack/Life/Cap'n Crunch 15oz or 16oz Cereal on sale 2/$5
-$1.00/2 RP 1/4 Quaker Life Cereal or $. 75/2 Quaker Chewy Granola Bars RP 3/8 or $1/2 Granola Bars PRINTABLE
=$4-$4.25 Out of Pocket
But get a $2 RR

Dove Deodorant on sale 2/$5
-$1.50/2 V 1/18
=$3.50 Out of Pocket

Kotex 18 pack tampons, 48 or 64 pack pantiliners or 14 to 24 pack pads on sale 2/$6
-$1.50 Using 2 $.75 SS 2/22 Kotex Security Tampons/Lightdays Pantiliners
=$4.50 Out of Pocket
But get a $1 RR when you buy 2

Glad Trash Bags 25-45pack, 13-30 Gallon on sale $6.99
-$1/1 off Glad Odor Shield trash bags Internet Explorer PRINTABLE or Fire Fox PRINTABLE. Can also REQUEST one in the mail. I am not sure if these coupon will work
=$5.99 Out of Pocket
But get a $1 RR when you buy 1

Motions Hair Color 3/$10
=$10 Out of Pocket
But get a $5 RR when you buy 3

Dasani 24pack bottled water on sale 2/$11
=$11 Out of Pocket
But get a $3 RR

Tide or Gain 2X laundry detergent on sale $11.99
-$.35 Tide any size P&G 2/8 & P&G 3/1 OR Gain $.25 PG 3/15 Gain Laundry Detergent
=11.64 Out of Pocket
But get $3 RR

Pepsi 12 packs on sale 4/$12
-$3 Buy 2 flavored diet Pepsi 12 pks, & get one free PRINTABLE **Thanks Melinda for the coupon link**
=$9 Out of Pocket
But get a $3 RR when you buy 4

Brita Pitcher $14.99
=$9.99 Out of Pocket

Prilosec OTC 28 ct $20
-$3 Coupon was in Sundays Parade Magazine
=$17 Out of Pocket
But get a $5 RR when you buy 1

Olay Regenerist or Total Effects Skin Care on sale $19.99
-$19.99 Out of Pocket
But get a $2 RR

Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color on sale 2/$14 (Excludes Men's color)

Will Walgreens be DISCONTINUING the Easy Saver Coupons and Rebate program?

YES!!! I found this e-mail response on Hot Coupon World. (comment #194)

Thank you for contacting us about your concerns regarding the Easy Saver Rebate program. Walgreens is committed to customer service, to providing great shopping choice and a good value. As part of being a neighborhood retailer, we continually evaluate our marketing approaches to be sure they are meeting customer needs. At this time, Walgreens has decided to evaluate the rebate program as we also develop new loyalty programs that we expect will bring even more interesting incentives and rewards to demonstrate appreciation to our valued customers. Customers can continue to find the rebate book in our stores
through April, and in the coming months there will be communication about new programs. We appreciate your commitment to Walgreens. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

But It looks like Walgreens MAY be particiapting the P&GeSaver Program soon! On page #15 in April 4/4-4/11 ad it looks like it is mentioned...not sure though, just a guess here!

Anyways, please feel free to share your Walgrens 3/29-4/4. Just link us directly to your Walgreens post. Thanks!


Melinda said...

Thanks for all the fabulous, money-saving info. How do I sign up for the "Home Made Simple" mailer?

Clenece/Good Or Free Deals said...

You are very welcome. To sign up for Home Made Simple go here

Melinda said...

Thanks. Also, on the Pepsi deal: go to
for a coupon to buy 2 flavored diet Pepsi 12 pks, get one free!!! Hopefully, they will have the flavored diet Pepsi there. This would make the deal even better. Let's see, that would be 6 12 pks for $12, plus the $3 RR, so that makes them. . .$1.50 each. Holy cow! I'm going to Wags on Monday am!

Clenece/Good Or Free Deals said...

Thanks Melinda so much to the Coupon Link and tip, I updated the post. Thanks again. Your awesome!

Anonymous said...

Freebie blogger has a link for a $2.00 off coupon for the glade candle! Not free but only $1.99! Can't wait to stock up using my $4.00 off coupons as well!

Clenece/Good Or Free Deals said...

SWEET! Thanks for the coupon tip on the Glade Candles. I will update that now!

Rob said...

I went to Wags yesterday to get the shaving gel. I purchased one can and then got a $3RR. The next transaction i purchased the gel and a candy bar and then tried to pay for it with my RR from the previous transaction. It wouldn't let me and was curious why not. Any thoughts?
Thanks, Julie

Clenece/Good Or Free Deals said...

No actually! Of course another RR would not have printed if you had used the RR from the first transaction to buy more gel.

However that is your choice how you would want to pay for the 2nd transactions. The RR doesn't state (that I know of) that you can't use it on the same day or same merchandise. I have NEVER heard of a Walgreens refusing not to take a RR to pay for a transaction. I would talk to the manager next time that may happen. Good luck! Sorry!