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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

DEAD:Walgreens Diaper Deal

**UPDATE** 3/7 I got the Pharmacy booklet last night and there was no Diaper Coupon inside....Sorry guys for the bad info...

Walgreens brand diapers are $2/9 this week.
But here is how to get them for only $2.50 a pack.

Buy 2/$9
-$4 Using 1 $2/1 Pharmacy booklet coupon (ask about the new prescription savings plan at the pharmacy counter and they will give you this coupon booklet)
=$5.00/2 packs


Thanks The Thrifty Mama


Lisa H said...

So I went to walgreen's yesterday and asked for there pamphlet one store told me they didn't know what I was talking about and the other one I went to said I had to sit down and talk to somebody about the new savings plan. what should I do? should i go back and sit down and talk to them or try another store?

Clenece said...

When I did the last Pharmacy booklet I did have to listen as the women gave me a little "talk", but it only took about 2 mintues, so I guess if you want the diapers bad enough then listen to it, otherwise try going to different walgreens. Good luck!

Lisa H said...

Thanks sooo much for your help! I will try again.