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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

DEAD DEAL:Walgreens Update on Irish Spring Body Wash

I just got back from Walgreens and tried to ROLL my Register Reward, and it DID NOT work!!!

As most of you know this week at Walgreens there is an unadvertised Register Reward on Irish Spring Body Wash. When you buy the Irish Spring Body Wash for $4.49, a Register Reward will print for another FREE Irish Spring Body Wash. It has now been reported that the printed Register Reward is Rolling. Which means you can buy another Irish Spring Body wash with that Register Reward and after which ANOTHER Irish Spring Body Wash Register Reward will print. SWEET!!!

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Hip 2 Save wrote this on her blog;
The barcode on the FREE Irish Spring Body Wash coupon is coded to take off $4.50. However, the purchase price of the Irish Spring Body Wash is $4.49. The reason why the coupon is coded to take off $4.50 instead of $4.49 is because the closest "value code" to put in is $4.50.
When the cashier scans this coupon it will beep due to the fact that the value of the coupon ($4.50) is more then the value of the item ($4.49). The cashier will then have to manually enter the coupon to take of $4.49. After doing this you'll end up getting another FREE coupon since the Catalina machine doesn't realize that the same FREE coupon was just used.


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Kasey Hunt said...

Thank you hip to save and Clenece!! You're so good at posting up to date deals!!