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Monday, April 20, 2009

$2/1 Avenno Printable coupon

This $2/1 Aveeno Printable coupon would be great to use at Kmart this week so it can be doubled to $4!! Click Here or the logo above
I was able to stag some Aveeno Lotion for $3.19
-$2/1 coupon
=FREE after doubled!


holi said...

I am so glad you wrote about Kmart. Yesterday when I was there, the cashier said they are making them scan the item, then scan the coupon right at that moment. Sunday, they didn't do this. So, it must be by Monday they had problems? Or they were just being Kmart...mean. I haven't been able to use computer printables~well, I haven't tried because last time they wouldn't take them.
Another thing, I am so grateful to have been "introduced" to you online. I am 80% sure that my husband is losing his job on Monday & I have such a head start on the storage of needed cleaners, fem. products, dog & cat food, & nearly all bathroom items. We have gone through unemployment before, but it was 5-8 years ago, when the economy was not nearly as bad as now. I am scared, but Thanks so much for your help.


Jaime said...

Just fyi... check your receipt before you leave Kmart. The last time I went during the double coupons up to $4 I realized that they were not doubling all of my coupons. If the item did not cost at least $4.00 then they would not double my $2.00 coupons. So for example the Aveeno coupon would not be doubled if you were buying an Aveeno item for only $3.19. Make sense? That's a bunch of crap in my opinion. Is this just my local Kmart that is doing this??

Clenece/Good Or Free Deals said...

The cashier at Kmart first asked me to match each coupon with the product, but then she asked if I had the $5 Kmart Coupon, which I did, so she went ahead and scanned all my items, then my coupons. She was a GREAT!! Luckily no one was behind me either!! =)

I am so glad you feel more prepared for the crisis that may be hitting your family. It is always tough having to go through unemployment! I hope you and your family pull through! Best of luck!!

Clenece/Good Or Free Deals said...


All my coupons doubled to the amount of the product. My Cashier was great to go slow and make sure every coupon doubled correctly!

It seems then that not all Kmart's are going about it this same way. Thanks for the heads up Jamie!