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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Albertsons 4 Doublers!!

I just read on Shopping the Cents that Albertsons, in Idaho & Utah, will have a new ad out in Sundays paper with 4 coupon Doublers!!! Get ready Albertsons Shoppers!!
Oh how I MISS living by a Albertsons!!!
UPDATE 4/20: is only 3 Doublers, not 4!


Hollie said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by and linking back to me!

Hop into Savings said...

I am excited for these coupons! I love when they do this. Thanks for letting us know.

Hollie said...

They are in today's paper yipeeee. Unfortunately only 3 of them though. The rumor was 4 double coupons. But we will take them and use them all!