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Monday, April 6, 2009

My Deal Run 4/6

I had time this morning to run to Target and Walgreens this morning and this is what I got. Sorry I don't have time to break it all down. However make sure you grab these Fruit snack packs for FREE (boxes were $.52 each) at Target. To get the printable coupon for the Fruit snacks click on the Target link Below. Happy Shopping!

For the FULL list of Target Deals click HERE
For the FULL list of Walgreens deals this week click HERE

14 Bags of Fruit Snack FREE w/ no tax
6 Boxes of Fruit Snacks $.52 each=$3.12
Cashier had me do them each in separate transactions, not all will make you but mine did! Good luck!

6 Skintimate Shaving Gel (did in different Transaction) $2.99 each but got a $3 RR. (I used my chapstick $2 RR to buy these)
1 SoftSoap from last week RR deal
1 Physican Formula makeup $12.99...I forgot to buy the Mascra instaed for the Rebate, so I think I will have to return it!
4 Soy Candles $5.99 each
4 Mouth Drops as Filler items $.14 each


pennypincher said...

wasn't the shaving gel and lip balm from last week? or are the rr for these all month long?

The DeThomasis Family said...

My target wouldn't let me use the coupon on the fruit snack bags. They told me that I had to get the boxes!

Larry and Kara Wright (and Sedona too!) said...

I was able to get 20 fruit snack bags and it cost nothing with the coupons!

Celia said...

I went to Target and got 6 boxes of the Fruit Snacks for .52 each and I got 4 bags of Cheetos snacks for .29 cent each. I had no problem useing the coupons.

Lynn said...

Whoa...good shopping !

Hollie said...

Awesome job! I gotta get into my target!

Clenece/Good Or Free Deals said...

The Walgrens RR deal is most of the month. Check my Walgreens weekly post to get the details on these RR.

rn4txkids said...

Hi! Love your blog!! I've had some problems at Target. As I now understand it, you are not supposed to offer more than one Target coupon during one transaction. My cashier was also questioning whether I could give them more than one manufacturer coupon. It was quite frustrating as I had already planned my purchase so that I could use a $5/50 target coupon and the remaining coupons significantly affected my planned out of pocket purchase. I still see it as a success as the pre-coupon cost was $81 and after coupons was $31... but it could have been even better by about $10. Thanks for all of your updates! This is just a heads up to others.