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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Staples Paper DEAL

I have seen this deal online and on a few websites and thought some of you may want to give this a try;

Buy 8 packages at $6.99 each ($55.92)
-$10/50 PRINTABLE Office Depot Coupon (they take there competitors coupons)
=$45.92 + tax
BUT get back $47.92 in REBATES

The rebate is for $5.99 back for every one you buy, NO LIMIT!!! Making it only $1 each after rebate. (REBATE SKU# 554638).

(Rebate) Detail Info:
Product: Staples 8.5X11 Printing RM
Rebate reward: $5.99 Check per ream
Purchase dates: 03-15-2009 through 05-09-2009
Postmark date: 07-08-2009
Promotion: $5.99 Rebate on a Staples 8.5X11 Printing RM (SKU 554638) at Staples Stores Only

The printable coupon expires 4/6/09


Charalece Talbot said...

I went and got this deal. Great deal!!! The problem was the coupon does not have a barcode on it so they would not take it. I bought 8 reams so I could use the coupon. Eventually, he took it but I would not advise to use it. So, I did end up getting FREE paper because the total came to 45.92 and the rebate is for 47.92. I also submitted the rebate online. It was a piece of cake.

Mancy said...

do you know where I can a good deal on printer also?

Clenece/Good Or Free Deals said...

That's a bummer they wouldn't let you use the $10 off coupon at first. But I am glad they finally gave in. Thanks though for the heads up on that.

I don't know of a good deal right now, but start checking out Slick Deals and SpooFee on my sidebar, that is where I would find one if there was one. I will let you know however if I come across one! Best of luck!

Meghan said...

worked for me, but I had to go to 2 stores, to get them to take the coupon. The first store was being stubbern and would not take it!! Thankfully the second store did! I just submitted the rebate, and should be getting it soon! (4-6 weeks!)

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