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Monday, May 4, 2009

FREE Magazine Offers!!

These are 100% Free to your users with no credit card required and nothing for them to cancel.
Infection Control Today
Free subscription to Infection Control Today magazine - Infection Control Today is the unparalleled leader in delivering infection control and disinfection news, education and information to acute-care professionals. (US)
NASA Tech Briefs
Free subscription to NASA Tech Briefs - The monthly magazine features exclusive reports of innovations developed by NASA and its industry partners/contractors that can be applied to develop new/improved products and solve engineering or manufacturing problems. (USA, Canada, Mexico, Selected International)

Free 90 Page IP Telephony Pocket Guide - This 90-page IP Telephony Guide is intended equally for technical IT staff, voice system managers, and CIOs, and describes the typical components and features of an enterprise telephony system. (US & Canada)
Free subscription to Creativity Magazine - Where do you get your best ideas? In the shower? The sushi bar? All night Murnau and Fritz Lang screenings? Over 32,000 advertising, broadcasting and commercial production and post creatives get their best ideas from Creativity magazine. (US)
Baking & Snack
Free Subscription to Baking & Snack Magazine - Baking & Snack serves the field of baked foods and snack manufacturing including: volume-producers of bread and cake, cookies and crackers, salted snacks, pizza, cereal, tortillas, pasta, candy/confection, mix manufacturers and flour millers. (US)
Garden Center
Free subscription to Garden Center Magazine - Garden Center provides national coverage of horticulture retailing for independent garden center business owners. (US)
OR Nurse 2009
Free Subscription to OR Nurse 2009 - a brand-new journal to serve perioperative nurses, managers, and directors working in hospitals and ambulatory surgery settings. (US)
Hospitals & Health Networks
Free subscription to Hospitals & Health Networks - Hospitals & Health Networks chronicles the values and ideas that drive the new era in health care. (US)
The Wireless Guide At a Glance
The Wireless Guide from TESSCO - If you build, operate or use wireless systems, you need The Wireless Guide from TESSCO, Your Total Source® provider for wireless. Like TESSCO, The Wireless Guide is the one resource that helps you to find and compare all the latest wireless products, solutions and services so you can make the right buying choices. From ONE source you can search, select and buy all at once --- saving time, saving effort, saving total costs! (US)
Food Arts
Free subscription to Food Arts magazine - Food Arts provides top-of-the market professionals with cutting edge information from the food and beverage industry. Exceptional recipes and fresh ideas...innovative presentation tips and on tabletop, lighting, interior design...hints on where to find special products or openings and closings...chefs on the move and much more in every issue. (US)

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