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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

HURRY: Dinner at KFC!!!!

I am SO excited about this one!! Thanks Hollie with Shopping with Cents for letting me know about this....

Click HERE OR HERE And print off your FREE 2 piece Kentucky Fried Chicken Meal coupon.

The coupon is valid May 5th-19th (Not Valid on Mother's day)
*This is a limited time coupon!!!

Just FYI, the website will/can take awhile to upload. My computer keeps saying PAGE ERROR, put DON'T give up!!!


The Tucker's said...

This is such an awsome deal, I printed mine went to the KFC and they told me that Hawaii KFC are not participating in this coupon deal :(

Coffee Maker said...

it seems odd that Oprah would promote eating at KFC when their greasy food is so contrary to all her other dieting advice