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Monday, September 28, 2009

Kmart Double Run 9/28

I have been in need of some D batteries so I held off until Kmart did there Super Doubles today: (Which again, if your ad does not state they are doubling and usually do...chances are they ARE doubling. This was the case at my location.)

4 4packs of D Duracell Batteries on sale 2/$12=$24/4 packs
-$8 Using 4 $2/1 Manufacture Duracell Coupons inside the Kmart Coupon Booklet (found at the coupon service desk)
-$8 after the each coupon Doubles
=$8.00/4 packs

You can click HERE to see my previous Kmart post, which has links to the great deals you can find this week at Kmart!


holi said...

Hi, did they do doubles at the Kal/Port stores this week? I have been leary of going, because they can be so snippy about double coupons on an advertised week. Just hoping someone knew!
thanks, holi

Clenece said...

Yes Portage Kmart is Doubling even though there ad doesn't state it. Best of luck!