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Thursday, September 17, 2009

McDonalds Halloween Coupon Booklets $1!!!!

McDonald's Coupons

Halloween coupon booklets are now available at McDonald’s, and I am SO excited. The booklets are ONLY $1 and have these coupon inside:

(4) FREE Apple Dippers
(4) FREE Small Cones
(4) FREE Apple Juice or Milk Jugs

Not all locations offer these booklets, so call ahead before driving over to purchase these. Also these coupons can NOT be used until 10/31/09, and are for kids 12 and under! If you find a McDonalds in your area that are selling them, please leave a comment so others will know! Click HERE to find phone numbers for your local McDonalds!

Thanks Deal Seeking Mom!!!


Kim said...

Oh :( I liked the ones with the hamburger & french fries. We are unhealthy I know.

The Goff Family said...

The McDonald's that I tried in Northern Utah didn't have a clue to what I was talking about

The Curleys said...

The Heber McDonalds doesn't have them but just the normal coupon booklets for a $1.00 I guess. I might go see what he was talking about.