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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kmart Doubling in SOME stores 5 coupons PER Day with Rewards Card

I read this yesterday on Hip To Save;

"Kmart has a new program called "Shop Your Way Rewards". After signing up (you can do this in-store), you'll get a card and with that card, thru December 19th, they will supposedly let you double 5 coupons per day--up to a $2 value! The registers are programmed to stop doubling after five coupons."

I personally already had the OLD Kmart rewards card, so I have already received my NEW "Shop Your Way Rewards" card last week. However if you sign up for the card today, just make sure you print off your card number or use the phone number you put in on your submission and you will then be able to go participate in this deal today!!

When reading in Hip To Saves comments in THIS post I read that some stores are participating, and some are not. Some stores don't even know they are participating and are, I know HUGE surprise, lol! I did read that Portage, MI area is participating, a reader left this comment;

"I live in Southwest Michigan. There are 2 Kmart stores closing that i am aware of, Kmart on Stadium near WMU, and the Kmart on Westnedge in Portage. These stores are doing the doubling and I asked a cashier yesterday about the program (they had little placards out on the counter about the coupons), she said that they only will double 5 coupons a day w/the shop your way rewards card, i asked her if i could go to another store and do it the same day, and she said that would work. I am trying it today."

I have even read where people are able to double more then 5 a day, by just doing separate transactions at one store. BUT the limit per transaction is 5!!!

Best of luck trying this at your Kmart...(I plan to go tomorrow) I know Kmart is a pain at times to work with, since no one ever knows what is going on, but DO NOT take customer services word for it if they say they aren't doubling with this program...chances are the employees are not aware of it themselves.

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Nonna Beach said...

Thanks for this info.To me, Kmart is killing their own business with this new program and driving away couponers, which I suspect is their aim. It was frustrating to shop there before all the restrictions in the past, but now I'm totally done with Kmart !