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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Meijers FREE+ Overage Tomato Sauce
A friend of mine called me this morning tell me about this deal:
(I hope I got the information correct)

Meijes Naturals Tomato Sauce $.39 (Buy4=$1.56)
=$1.56 Out of Pocket
But get a $2 Coupon to use on your next visit when you buy 4

Thanks Alicia

Let me know if anyone else is able to snag this deal!

I went to do this deal this. This is how it went
Bought 4 Meijes Naturals Tomato Sauce @ $.55 each
I got a $2 Coupon to use on my next purchase of Meijer Naturals products

Then I bought another 4 Meijes Naturals Tomato Sauce @ $.55 each
Tried to use the $2 Coupon from 1st transaction, but coupon only took off $.55 instead of $2, associate came back and took another $1.10 (not sure why not $1.45, but oh well)
Another coupon DID NOT PRINT!!!

Still an okay deal 8 cans for $2.75!



Derek Thompson said...

I went to the meijer on 9th and they were $.49 each and a coupon didn't print either. I think that it is like the whole walgreens thing. If you use it then a coupon won't print if you don't use it then a coupon will print.

Sorry it wasn't as great as I thought.

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