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Saturday, October 18, 2008

WinkFlash Photo Book & Cards

Flat-Rate Book Sale! An amazing deal on popular books, you pay only one flat-rate for your entire book, up to 100 pages! No annoying page fees, no gimmicks, just a great price on a great product. Expires Oct 31st 2008.

Classic Cover
10x8 $19.95
8x8 $13.95
12x12 $29.95

Window Cover
10x8 $19.95
8x8 $13.95
12x12 $29.95

Custom Cover
10x8 $31.95
8x8 $25.95
12x12 $41.95

Use coupon code: BOOKEM9 Great time to print those digital scrapbook pages!

40% Off Holiday cards!
Now is a great time to get your holiday cards early or order Halloween cards.

Photo Cards 23¢
Greeting Cards 89¢
Note Cards 77¢
5x5 Designer 77¢
5x7 Designer 83¢

Use coupon code:WECARD9

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