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Monday, October 20, 2008

Free Max Factor Make-Up @ Kmart


Max Factor Make-Up on sale B1G1F
-B1G1F Coupon in 9/7 Red Plum insert or
-B1G1F Coupon in 10/19 Red Plum insert
=2 MaxFactor products FREE

p.s. Remember you can use 2 coupons when using a B1G1F Coupon! Also Make sure you buy products that cost the exact amount. Otherwise it won't end up FREE!


Kasey Hunt said...

what is the red plum insert?

Clenece said...

Red Plum is the other Coupons in the Sunday paper. There is Smart Source and Red Plum!

Rob and Heather Weston said...

Thanks for pointing that out. I went and got 8 products and only had to pay $1.86. A savings of 58.14. Hooray!!!

The shampoo deal was at Albertsons. 3/$9 and walgreens had a $3 coupon in easysaver = FREE. I bought a deep conditioner so thats what ended up costing me $0.97.

This is so much fun!

mama.laughead said...

I did not have that coupon in my redplum. Does it happen often that the inserts are variable?

Clenece said...

Sometimes the Newspapers miss inserting them in the paper. If that is the case you can call your newspaper and have them deliver another paper with the coupons inside!