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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Current Rebate Offers

Caregiver's Marketplace. You can get rebates those Huggies Diapers, Depends, Pull Ups, Cottonelle and much more. This offer doesn't expire.
Aunt Jemima frozen pancakes Money back guarantee. Offer expires 3-31-09
Sure with extracts Will refund up to $2.99. Try it FREE offer. Offer expires 3-31-09
Quilted Northern Money back guarantee. 1 per household & offer expires 3-31-09
Wanchai Ferry Satisfaction guarantee, will refund up to $4.79. Offer expires 4-30-09
Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popcorn Satisfaction guarantee, will refund up to $2.99. Offer expires 4-30-09
Swiffer- 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on Swiffer 360, Sweeper, Swiffer Vac, Swiffer Duster. Offer expires 6-30-09
Clorox 2 with Stain-guard. Money back guarantee for up to $7. Offer expires 6-30-2009
X-14 Bathroom Cleaner Try it for FREE, will refund up to $4.59. Must purchase before July 31, 09 & be received by 8-31-09
Kraft Mac-N-Cheese Crackers Refund offer, up to $2.99. Offer expires 12-31-09
Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Cleaner Kit- Money Back Guarantee- Must send UPC, Receipt, and starter kit. Refund is for $24.99 plus $7.05 for shipping. This must be post marked no longer than 60 days from your purchase date. Offer expires 12-31-09
Ensure(got my rebate this week already) Get up to $10 back on multi-pack. Offer expires 12-31-09
Beech-Nut Baby Foods, Fill out these forms and get $4.00 in coupons and $2.00 in coupons. Offer 12-31-09
Physician's Formula- 3 great "Try it Free" rebates including 100% Natural Mascara, Bronze Booster, Face Brightener. Offer expires 12-31-09
Just for Men- up to $8.00. Limit 1 & offer expires 12-31-2009!
Pert Plus for Men (Got my rebate already) Must have a "Try me Free" sticker on the bottle to be considered specially marked.) Send in Rebate form and receive a rebate check for up to $3.99! Offer expires 12/31/09
FREE Bottle of Healthy Balance Juice Collect 10 UPC barcodes from any Healthy Balance juice product, and redeem them for a VIP coupon good for 1 FREE Healthy Balance 64oz. bottle of juice of any flavor. Offer expires??

Touch of Gray
**Thanks Kasey for the Referal from Your Coupon Buddy maker sure you check her link for the FULL list**


Kim said...

Wow! there's a lot of them.....but when it says money back you think that means it's a rebate...or if you don't like it, they will refund your money? I don't want to buy something and have it not be an actual rebate ya know.

Clenece said...

No you only want to do the Money Back Guarantee when you try it and Don't like it, and you want your money back. So it is a rebate for dissatisfied customers.