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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Free Gold Fish @ Target??

Like the most of you, my Target does not have the Gold Fish on sale for $1. They are still $1.79! I hope some of you guys get lucky!

If you haven't gone to Target this week, make sure you head over for the these deals...

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish $1
-$1/1 Target PRINTABLE (There is no limit on printing coupons).
=FREE after Target Coupon
(Price is good until 4/3, but the coupon is only good through 3/14).

Make sure you also get the Apple Sauce, and free Gillette shampoo, conditioner, or body wash while your there! Click HERE for the details on those. Good luck!


Kenj and Nate said...

So you can really print the coupon 20 times and target won't care? That is crazy

Clenece said...


Kenj and Nate said...

The coupon says one offer per transactions? Does that mean we have to do it one at a time? Also I had a questions about sunday papers, it seems like you find all these good deals on line, do you still order the Sunday paper?

Clenece said...

Yes you have to do them in diferent transactions, unless the cashiers wants to do it otherwise.

I personally do not order the Sunday paper, becuase one, my areas doesn't get alot of the same coupons as the bigger cities. Two, because I am too cheap...LOL. Three, my mother-in-law will randomly send me some of her coupon inserts, or I buy inserts when I want something bad enough.

I have found you can get deals without using the Sunday inserts, and just use PRINTABLE coupons. However I buy ink for my printer ALL the time it seems! Lately every 6 weeks or so. =(

Good Luck!

Kenj and Nate said...

Sorry I am annoying but when you say different transactions does that mean different days or, you put at divider in between each free item, do they get anoyed by that? Sorry so many questions!

Jill said...

did the goldfish crackers just go on sale today? i was at target last night and they were $1.89.

regarding the separate transactions, i actually have purchased 10 bags of goldfish crackers in one transaction with 10 coupons and they let me do it. just depends on the cashier you get i suppose!

also, the huggies $5 off diapers and $3 off wipes coupons are working at target on any huggies products. plus you get a $10 gift card when you buy 2 boxes of diapers in one transaction! sweet!

Dave and Natasha said...

I got some of the Wal-Greens Huggies deal today. Our stores here were limiting customers to one 3 packs per person to make it "fair" though. I went with a friend and she was going to do two transactions and they were so rude to her! They didn't have anything posted that said that's all you could do but she ended up getting it anyway. Then we went to another Walgreens and it said on the front door you could only do one transaction or three packs of diapers, and also another sign at the diapers. At least if that's what they're going to do- they posted it so they don't have to be rude and tell you after you are already in line!

I'm actually going to see if I can exchange the diapers I got for the Parent's Choice at Wal-Mart because that's what we always use and you get more for your money. I'll just have to see if it will work though!

Clenece said...


I DON'T mine at all you asking all these questions. REALLY!! I love to help.

You can do them all the same day, just like you said divide them up. I usually have been lucky to be able to do them all in one transaction, however If the cashier gets technical then I do them separate. But hey either way I am going to get them! lol!

Clenece said...

I am not sure when the Gold Fish went on sale. Was it the Whole Grain Gold Fish you saw? Those are the ones on sale.

Do you know what count of Diapers are that working for getting the $10 gift card? Is it just any size of "BOXED" Diapers? Please let me know. Thank you!

Jill said...

the whole grain goldfish crackers were not on sale at the target here in s. utah. but, i was still happy to only pay 89 cents per package!

the diapers i purchased were the boxed huggies size 6 (92 count). i purchased two at $28.99 minus $10 from my two $5 off coupons. plus, received a $10 gift card to use on a future purchase.

i believe the gift card promotion is good on any of the huggies boxed diapers that are priced at @28.99. they were all displayed together on the end cap of the diaper isle.

i also purchased two packages of the huggies natural care wipes (360 count) which were on sale for $8.49 minus $6 using two $3/1 huggies coupons.

bottom line: the printable huggies coupons seem to be working for any huggies diaper/wipes products (and not just the ones specified on the coupon). give it a try!

Clenece said...

Thanks Jill for the breakdown there. I really appreciate it!

Kim said...

I went to Target today for the Goldfish crackers and they were $1.89. Bummer!!! Maybe they're on sale for $1 in your town only?? Sounds like me and Jill went to the same Target as I am in So. Utah as well!! Holla Jill!!!! Lol!

Still bummed about the crackers :(

Jill said...

haha, holla back kim!

and clenece, i think i finally figured out why you look familiar. didn't you work at the spectrum? :)

Clenece said...

LOL, YES!!! Now that I really look at your picture I know you too. LOL!! How are you doing?

Jill said...

SMALL world eh?

i'm doing really great! just busy with my two kiddos and i started my own digital design business that i do from home.

how are you doing? do you still live here in UT?

Shannon said...

I used my Target coupons at Albertsons because they will take competitors coupons. They were on for 1.25. So I only paid a quarter a bag.

Bart's Clan said...

I am in Utah County and went to Target tonight. No goldfish crackers and no Gillette stuff. Wasted Trip!!!

Clenece said...

I wish I had an Albertsons here! =( Great Deal! Thanks for sharing!