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Monday, March 30, 2009

My Walgreens Deals on 3/30

Without breaking down EACH Transaction, I bought;

4 Hot Wheels Cars (only two pictured, kids couldn't wait lol)
-$2.58 Using 2 $1.29 Hot Wheels in-store Coupon
1 One a Day Will get Rebate $1.49
9 Chap Sticks
4 Edge
3 Skintimate
3 Breath Drops (as filler items) $.15 each
7 SoftSoaps (My RR kept rolling until I tried it at another store, then no RR printed again!)

Paid Out of Pocket=$3.10
Used $65.93 worth of RR (That includes $3.99 Soft Soap RR's)
Put of Gift Card $5.50
Still have $38.00 in RR left
Made $25.40 Today in RR
Plus I will get $1.49 back in Rebates

To see all of Walgreens Deals this week click HERE


T said...

Hey can you explain how you did all this? Thanks Tammy

Southwest Coupon Clipper said...

Awesome Purchases!!! Way to go!

sara b said...

I was wondering if you have to buy the Softsoap individually to get the RR to print or can you buy all of them in one transaction and it print out a RR for each one? Thanks!

Clenece/Good Or Free Deals said...

you have to buy them separately in order to get a RR for each

Sara said...

I seriously need some help with this...I feel like I did more hurt than help to my budget today at walgreens and got SOOOOO frustrated. Hubby and I were fighting by the end of it because we were so stressed and needed to vent. HELP!!

Bethany and Terry said...

Is it pretty standard that in order to get multiple RRs for a specific product each one needs to be run as a seperate transaction?

Thanks so much for your efforts. You are changing lives, as corney as it may sound, mine and many of my friends and family. It's nice to feel support and you really do all the work.

A big thanks.

Clenece/Good Or Free Deals said...

lol, thank you so much for the comment! I am just glad this is helping someone else besides myself.

To your question, When the same company has the same RR yes (like Edge shaving Gel and Skintamate), it is standard to do them in separate transactions. However you can get multiple RR when doing them from different companies. For example yesterday in one transaction I brought;

1 Chap Stick
1 Body Wash
1 Shaving Gel

and I got 3 RR, because the RR was given by 3 different companies.

I hope this makes sense! Good luck!

Clenece/Good Or Free Deals said...


Oh, No! What happen that made it worse in the end. I will be more then happy to help answer any questions. Let me know what I can do to help! So Sorry!

T said...


You said in one transaction you bought 1 of each of the items with the RR. Then did you turn around and buy the same items again with the RR? I am confused on how you walked out with $25 more in RR. Can you please help:) Thanks so much Tammy

Clenece/Good Or Free Deals said...

Sorry I haven't got back to you sooner.

Yes I bought;

1 Chap Stick
1 Shaving Gel
1 Soft Soap
in 1 Transaction

But no I didn't use the ChapStick Or Shaving Gel RR to buy more chap sticks and Shaving Gel, The don't Roll. I had $38 in RR's from the last 2 weeks that I used to purchase these. That is why I made so much in RR.

I hope that answers your questions. Let me know!